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Dublin In The Rare Old Times ~ Pete St John (Vx2)

Fields Of Athenry ~ Pete St John (V)

Home Boys Home ~ Traditional (V)

The Patriot Game ~ Dominic Behan (V)

Peat Bog Soldiers ~ W Langhoff/J Esses (V)

The Rising Of The Moon ~ John Keegan (Leo) Casey (V)

Seven Drunken Nights ~ Traditional (V)

The Town I Loved So Well ~ Phil Coulter (V)

The Waterford Boys ~ Harry Clifton (V)

The Wild Rover ~ Traditional (V)

Will You Come To The Bower ~ Traditional (V)

Biographical Notes

The Dubliners is an Irish folk group founded by singer and guitarist Ronnie Drew in 1962. Originally called the Ronnie Drew Group, they changed their name to The Dubliners in honor of the novel by Irish author James Joyce. Best known for playing traditional street ballads and their impressive instrumentals, the band made a name for themselves during informal sessions at O'Donoghue's Pub in Dublin. After signing with Transatlantic Records in 1963, The Dubliners released their self-titled debut album (The Dubliners, 1964). After their 2002 40th Anniversary reunion tour, Dubliner's vocalist Jim McCann was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to leave the band. Dubliners founding member Ronnie Drew passed away on Aug. 16, 2008, at the age of 73.

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