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Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor ~ Traditional (V)

Jenny Donnelly ~ Stompin' Tom Connors (V)

Memories Of Home (V)

My Home By The Sea (Vx2)

Pool's Island Memories (V)

Shamus O'Brien ~ William S Hays (V)

Will You Still Love Me When I'm Old ~ Smiley Bates (V)

Biographical Notes

Randy was born Eric Randell, the sixth child of Chesley and Elsie Dyke in Pool's Island, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, August 20, 1947. When he was seven years old he discovered the accordion from watching his sisters play their music. After hearing them a few times he got hooked and decided to learn all about it. By the age of ten he was playing for dances and Sunday school. At the age of 17 he went to Ontario where he played around for parties and friends for about two years. When he turned 18 he was old enough, and good enough, to get into the Caribou Club in Toronto where he filled in for Harry Hibbs for a weekend. He had different bands all his life, but the most memorable was having his own television show from 1983 to 1989 on cable channel nine in St John's with his great friend Joe Reynolds... And the rest, as they say, is history. Randy has recently fulfilled a long-time dream of recording a CD of his favourite country classic songs which he hopes all will enjoy.

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