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As I Roved Out ~ Traditional (V)

Back Down By The Shore ~ David Fitzpatrick

Buried In The Sand ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

Buy Us A Drink ~ Alistair Hulett (V)

Dance, Dance, Dance ~ S Miller, J Cooper, B Cooper (V)

Dancin' Round The Kitchen ~ David Fitzpatrick (V)

Down East Day ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

Fish Out Of Water ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

Feller From Fortune ~ Traditional (V)

Frog In The Well ~ Traditional

Heave Away ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Jolly Rovin' Tar ~ E Harrigan & D Braham (V)

Lazy Tom ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

Lilly ~ Glenn Simmons

Mauzy Monday ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

O'Brien ~ Glenn Simmons

The Old Woman From Wexford ~ Traditional (V)

Peter Street ~ Traditional (V)

Ramblin' Rover ~ Andy M Stewart (V)

Rocky Road To Dublin, The ~ D K Gavan (V)

The Ryans And The Pittmans ~ H W Le Messurier (V)

Sam Hall ~ Traditional

St. John's ~ Glenn Simmons (Vx2)

Sure It's All The Same ~ Glenn Simmons

Tear The House Down ~ Glenn Simmons (V)

Spanish Lady ~ Traditional (V)

There ~ Glenn Simmons

The Village Belle ~ G Simmons & D'Arcy Broderick

Whiskey, You're The Devil ~ Traditional

Biographical Notes

D'Arcy Broderick left the Newfoundland-based pop-country band the Irish Descendants and joined up with Glenn Simmons (formerly of the Wonderful Grand Band), Clyde Wiseman, Billy Sutton and Dave Fitzpatrick to create The Fables. Their arrangements are some of the finest Celtic music to come out of Newfoundland in a long time. Since all five band members sing, The Fables have an impressive vocal presence in addition to playing guitars, fiddle, mandola, mandolin, accordion, bouzouki, banjo, drums and bass. The Fables is a band with a past that knows how to present favorite traditional tunes and their own lively original songs.

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