Ryan's Fancy Listings

In memory of Dermot O'Reilly [1942-2007]

As I Roved Out ~ Traditional (V)

As Johnny Went Ploughin' ~ Lawrence Doyle (V)

Bánchnoic Éireann Ó ~ Donncha Rua (V)

Banks Of Sicily ~ Hamish Henderson (V)

Barney Hare ~ Traditional (V)

The Beginning ~ Dale Banks

Biddy Mulligan ~ Seamus Kavanagh (V)

Blackleg Miner ~ Traditional (V)

The Bluenose ~ Michael Stanbury (V)

Bold O'Donoghue ~ Traditional (V)

The Bonavist' Line ~ Traditional (V)

The Bonny Ship The Diamond ~ Traditional (V)

The Boston Burglar ~ Traditional (V)

Bound Down For Newfoundland ~ Capt Cale White (V)

The Boys Of The Island ~ Larry Gorman (V)

Brand New Song ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

Brigid Flynn ~ Percy French (V)

The Butcher Boy ~ Traditional (V)

By The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon ~J Turner (V)

Candlelight And Wine ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

Cape Breton Dream ~ Denis Ryan/Bill Gough (V)

Cape Breton Lullaby ~ Kenneth Leslie (V)

Carrickfergus ~ Traditional (V)

Chastity Belt ~ Traditional (V)

A Children's Winter ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

Cliffs Of Baccalieu ~ Jack Withers (V)

Coal Town Road ~ Allister MacGillivray (V)

C'ck O' The North ~ Traditional (V)

Cod Liver Oil ~ Traditional (V)

Come Along (Uist Tramping Song) (V)

Come By The Hills ~ W Gordon Smith (V)

Come To The Bower ~ Traditional (V)

Connemara By The Lake ~ Traditional (V)

Coorie Doon (The Miner's Lullaby) ~ M McGinn (V)

The Cross On Spancil Hill ~ Michael Considine (V)

Curragh Of Kildare ~ Traditional (V)

Danny Boy ~ Frederick E Weatherly

Dark As A Dungeon ~ Merle Travis (V)

Dark Island ~ David Silver (V)

Delaney's Donkey ~ William Hargreaves (V)

Down By The Liffeyside ~ Peader Kearney

Drunken Sailor ~ Traditional (V)

Dublin In The Rare Old Times ~ Pete St John (V)

Everytime ~ Tom Paxton

Far Away In Australia ~ Traditional (V)

Fare Thee Well Enniskillen ~ Traditional (V)

Farewell To Carlingford ~ Tommy Makem (V)

Farewell To Nova Scotia ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Farewell To Tarwathie ~ George Scroggie (V)

Fella From Fortune ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Fhir A' Bhàta ~ Jane Finlayson (V)

Finnegan's Wake ~ Traditional (V)

Flower Of Sweet Strabane ~ Traditional

Gallant Forty Twa ~ Traditional (V)

Galway City ~ Traditional (V)

The Galway Shawl ~ Traditional (V)

The German Clockwinder ~ Traditional

Glimpse Of Heaven ~ Dave Cousins (V)

Go To Sea No More ~ Traditional (V)

Golden Jubilee ~ Traditional (V)

Good Bye Mick ~ Traditional (V)

Goodbye Mursheen Durkin ~ Traditional (V)

The Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach ~ Traditional (V)

The Green Shores Of Fogo ~ Traditional (V)

The Greenland Whale Fisheries ~ Traditional (V)

Harbour Le Cou ~ Jack Dodd (V)

The Hills Of Glenswilly ~ Mick McGinley (V)

Home, Boys, Home ~ Traditional (V)

I Followed Her Into The West ~ Tom Paxton (V)

I'm A Rover ~ Traditional (V)

The Irish Miner ~ Don McLennan (V)

The Irish Rover ~ Traditional (V)

I'se The Bye ~ Traditional (Vx2)

The Island Song ~ Kenzie MacNeil (V)

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor ~ Traditional (V)

Jackie Tar ~ Traditional (V)

The Jam On Jerry's Rock ~ Traditional (V)

Jennifer Gentle ~ Traditional

Johnny Bucher ~ Traditional (V)

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya ~ Traditional (V)

The Labrador Song ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

The Lark In The Morning ~ Traditional (V)

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream ~ Ed McCurdy (V)

Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her ~ Traditional (V)

Leaving London ~ Tom Paxton (V)

A Lesson Too Late For The Learning ~ Tom Paxton (V)

Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's ~ Otto Kelland (V)

Life Of The Country Boy ~ Traditional (V)

Looking Back ~ Allister MacGillivray (V)

Manchester Rambler ~ Ewan MacColl (V)

The Miner's Lullaby (Coorie Doon) ~ Matt McGinn (V)

Mingulay Boat Song ~ Sir Hugh Roberton (V)

The Minstrel Boy ~ Thomas Moore (V)

Mist Covered Mountains Of Home ~ John A Cameron (V)

Mist Upon A Morning ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

Molly Bawn ~ John K Casey (V)

Mussels In The Corner ~ Traditional (V)

My Johnny Lad ~ Traditional (V)

Nancy Whiskey ~ Traditional (V)

Newport Town ~ Michael Bourke (V)

The Night That Paddy Murphy Died ~ Johnny Burke (V)

The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen ~M Webb (Vx2)

Now I'm Sixty-Four ~ Traditional (V)

Old Johnny Bucher ~ Traditional (V)

Paddy On The Railway ~ Traditional (V)

The Parting Glass ~ Traditional (V)

Peat Bog Soldiers ~ W Langhoff/J Esser (V)

Peggy Gordon ~ Traditional

Peter Amberly ~ John Calhoun (V)

Rattlin' Roarin' Willie ~ Robert Burns (V)

The Rising Of The Moon ~ John Keegan Casey (Leo)

The Rocks Of Bawn ~ Traditional (V)

Rocks Of Merasheen ~ Al Pittman (V)

The Rocky Road To Dublin ~ Traditional (V)

Róísín Dubh ~ Traditional

Rose Of Mooncoin, The ~ Watt Murphy (V)

Ryans And Pittmans ~ Henry W Le Messurier (V)

A Sailor Courted A Farmer's Daughter ~ Traditional

Sea People ~ Allister MacGillivray (V)

Seven Old Ladies ~ Traditional (V)

The Ship Is Ready To Sail Away ~ Traditional (V)

So Long, It's Been Good To Know Ya ~ W Guthrie (V)

Sonny's Dream ~ Ron Hynes (V)

South Australia ~ Traditional (V)

The Squid Jiggin' Grounds ~ Art Scammell (V)

Star Of Logy Bay ~ Mark Walker (V)

The Streets Of London ~ Ralph McTell (V)

The Swallow's Tale (Reel) ~ MIDI Only

Sweet Forget Me Not ~ Bobby Newcomb (V)

This Land Is Your Land ~ Woody Guthrie (V)

Tie Me Down ~ Allister MacGillivray (V)

Tipperary's My Dream ~ Denis Ryan/Bill Gough (V)

The Tiree Love Song ~ Alexander Sinclair (V)

Towersy[sic] Fair ~ J Conolly/B Meek

Trinity Cake ~ Traditional (V)

Twenty-One Years ~ Bob Miller (V)

The Vale Of Margaree ~ J Francis MacDonald (V)

West Country Lady ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

The West's Awake ~ Thomas Davis (V)

Whiskey In The Jar ~ Traditional (V)

Wild Goose, The ~ Wade Hemsworth (V)

Will You Go Lassie Go ~ Jimmy McPeake (V)

Willie McBride ~ Eric Bogle (V)

The Wreck Of The Anna Maria ~ Traditional (V)

Yarmouth Town ~ Traditional (V)

Special thanks to Chris Chaulk for transcribing most of these songs from his Ryan's Fancy recordings collection.

Biographical Notes

Denis Ryan, Dermot O'Reilly and Fergus O'Byrne receive the Dr Helen Creighton [1899-1989] 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award at the East Coast Music Awards below.

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℗2007 ~ Used with permission ~

Liner notes from Songs From The Shows
(Avondale Music ©2001)
"Ryan's Fancy's arrival in Newfoundland was a pivotal event in the emergence of modern Newfoundland culture. As the trio played to packed houses night after night in the Strand Lounge in St John's, young Newfoundlanders re-discovered traditional music. It was the music that their parents and grandparents had played and sung and danced to; music that for more than a generation had been deemed un-cool but was still very much alive at kitchen parties or parlour times. Ryan's Fancy popularized the traditional music and dragged it kicking and screaming out of the closet for the enjoyment of all. The momentum generated by their arrival has not stopped: The Irish Descendants, The Punters, The Fables, Great Big Sea, and others, all credit Ryan's Fancy with lighting the spark."
~ Jack Kellum,
Executive Producer Performance Programs,
CBC Television, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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