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Eggs And Marrow Bones ~ Traditional (V)

Freedom ~ Noel Dinn (V)

Greenland Disaster, The ~ Traditional (V)

Henry Martin ~ Traditional (V)

A Lad And A Lass ~ Traditional (V)

Matt Eiley ~ Traditional (V)

Rabbits In A Basket ~
Traditional (V)

The Rosy Banks Of Green ~ Traditonal (V)

A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter ~ Traditional (V)

Snowy Night ~
Pamela Morgan/Noel Dinn (V)

Tarry Trousers ~ Traditional (V)

The Ten Commandments ~ Traditional (V)

Tinker Behind The Door ~ Traditional (V)

The Union From St John's ~ Traditional (V)

Weather Out The Storm ~
Pamela Morgan/Noel Dinn (V)

Woman Of Labrador ~
Andy Vine (V)

Biographical Notes

Figgy Duff was a Newfoundland folk-rock band. They played a major role in the Newfoundland cultural renaissance of the 1970s and 80s and brought Newfoundland's traditional music to the world stage. Formed in 1976 by Noel Dinn, who named the band after a traditional white pudding, Figgy Duff traveled across Newfoundland, learning traditional songs. The line-up changed several times, but the core of Dinn and Pamela Morgan, singer-songwriter, stayed the same. Personnel otherwise varied with each of its three albums to 1990: Figgy Duff (Posterity PTR-13014, issued in 1980) with Dave Panting and the accordionist Geoff Butler; After the Tempest (Boot BOS-7243, issued in 1984) with Panting, Butler and the bass guitarist Derek Pelley; Weather Out the Storm (Hypnotic 71356-1000, CD and cassette, issued in 1990) with Kelly Russell, Frank Maher (accordion, harmonica), Bruce Crummell (guitar) and Rob Laidlaw (bass). Weather Out The Storm was nominated for a 1991 Juno Award. Dinn died of cancer in 1993, and Morgan disbanded Figgy Duff soon after. The band has since reunited twice, once in 1999 for a silver anniversary tour and again in summer 2008 to celebrate the release of a CD of live recordings from the band's previous reunion.

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