Fortune Bay Sons Listings

Betty Malone (V)

Boston Burglar ~ Traditional (V)

Love Me Again ~ Cyril Brown (V)

Mike's Mom ~ Stewart Ross

Old Cottage Sale ~ Barney Mullelly (V)

Old Fishing Schooner ~ Wince Keeping (V)

Old Log Cabin ~ J W Payte (V)

Proud Canadian (V)

Sailor's Promise ~ Wince Keeping (V)

When You Live By The Sea ~ Cyril Brown (V)

You'd Better Stay At Home, Lad ~ Charles Graham (V)

Biographical Notes

The Fortune Bay Sons group (1974-1994) was formed in 1974 and played the Newfoundland club circuit for 20 years before disbanding in 1994. It started as a five-piece group and became a four-piece band in 1977, remaining as such until they disbanded. Members included James Vallis: lead guitar; Cyril Brown: bass guitar and vocals; Gerald Stoodley: accordion; and Winston Keeping: drums and vocals. Their discography includes the 1980 self-titled LP, Fortune Bay Sons, and the 1986 LP, Stay At Home Lad.

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