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As I Roved Out (Pre-GBS)
   ~ Traditional

Auntie Mary (V) ~ Traditional

Bad As I Am (V)
   ~ Séan McCann & Bob Hallett

The Banks Of Newfoundland #10 (V)
   ~ Francis Forbes

Barque In The Harbour (V)
   ~ Traditional

Beat The Drum (V)
   ~ Rory & Calum MacDonald

Berry Picking Time (Vx2)
   ~ Based on a traditional

Billy Peddle (V) ~ Traditional

Boat Like Gideon Brown, A (V)
   ~ Frank Dwyer

Boston And St John's (Vx2)
   ~ Alan Doyle

Buying Time (V)
   ~ Bob Hallett & Séan McCann

Can't Stop Falling (V)
   ~ Alan Doyle & Séan McCann

Captain Kidd (V) ~ Traditional

Captain Wedderburn (Vx2)
   ~ Traditional

The Chemical Worker's Song (Vx2)
   ~ Ron Angel

Clearest Indication (Vx2)
   ~ Doyle, McCann, Trapper

Cod Liver Oil (Pre-GBS) ~ Traditional

Colcannon (The Skillet Pot) (V)
   ~ Traditional

Come And I Will Sing You (Vx2)
   ~ Traditional

Company Of Fools (V)
   ~ Alan Doyle and Russell Crowe

Concerning Charlie Horse (V)
   ~ Omar Blondahl

Consequence Free (V)
   ~ Doyle & McCann

Dance Dance (V)
   ~ McCann/Hallett/Doyle/

Dear Home Town (V)
   ~ Alan Doyle & Randy Bachman

Demasduit Dream (V) ~ Bob Hallett

Donkey Riding (V) ~ Traditional

Don't Wanna Go Home (V)
   ~ Doyle - Thanks Scott Grimes

Dream To Live (V) ~ Séan McCann

Drunken Sailor (V) ~ Traditional

End Of The World (V)
   ~ Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe

England (Vx3) ~ Séan McCann

Everything Shines (V) ~ Chris Tapper

Excursion Around The Bay (Vx2)
   ~ Johnny Burke

Falling Down Blue (V) ~ Jim Cuddy

Fast As I Can (V) ~ Alan Doyle

Feel It Turn (V) ~ Séan McCann

Feller From Fortune (Pre-GBS)
   ~ Traditional

Ferryland Sealer (V) ~ Traditional

Finnegan's Wake ~ Pre-GBS

Fisherman's Lament (V) ~ Ed McCann

Follow Me Back (Vx2)
   ~ Hallett, J Fisher, J O'Brien

French Perfume (V) ~ Bob Hallett

French Shore (Vx3) ~ Lem Snow

Gallows Pole (V) ~ Traditional

General Taylor (Vx2) ~ Traditional

Goin' Up (V) ~ Alan Doyle

Gone By The Board (V)
   ~ Hallett (Traditional Based)

Good People (V)
   ~ Séan McCann and Paul Lamb

Graceful And Charming (Vx2)
   ~ Traditional

Greenland Whale Fishery (V)
   ~ Traditional

Greenspond (V)
   ~ (Henry) Beckles Willson

Handjive (Pre-GBS) ~ Cliff Richard

Hard Case (V)
   ~ McCann, J O'Brien, K Mahoney

Have A Cuppa Tea(V) ~ Ray Davies

Haven't Seen You In A Long Time (V)
   ~ Colin Hay

Heart Of Hearts (V) ~ Great Big Sea

Heart Of Stone (V)
   ~ McCann, J O'Brien, K Mahoney

Helmethead ~ Bob Hallett

Here And Now (V)
   ~ GBS with Workman/O'Brien

Hit The Ground And Run (Vx2)
   ~ Doyle and Russell Crowe

Horatio The Penguin (V)
   ~ McCann, Doyle, Hallett

How Did We Get From Saying
   I Love You?
(V) ~ Alan Doyle

I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
   ~ Traditional

I'm A Rover (V) ~ Traditional

I'm The B'y (Pre-GBS) ~ Traditional

I's The B'y (Vx2) ~ Traditional

Irish Paddy (V) ~ Traditional

It's Friday (V) ~ Dean Brody

Jack Hinks (V) ~ Johnny Quigley

Jakey's Gin (V) ~ Traditional

John Barbour (V) ~ Traditional

Johnny McEldoo (Pre-GBS) (V)
   ~ Traditional

The Jolly Butcher ~ Traditional

Jolly Roving Tar (V)
   ~ E Harrigan & D Braham

Let It Go (Vx2)
   ~ Doyle, Sampson, Daly

Little Beggardude (V) ~ Traditional

Little Beggarman (V) ~ Traditional

Long Life (V)
   ~ McCann/O'Brien/Plaskett

Long Lost Love (V)
   ~ McCann & Chris Trapper

Love (V) ~ Séan McCann

Love Me Tonight (V)
   ~ McCann, Doyle, Workman, O'Brien

Lucky Me (V)
   ~ Alan Doyle & Gordie Sampson

Lukey (V) ~ Virtue Kean

Margarita (V) ~ Séan McCann

Mari-Mac (V) ~ Traditional

The Mermaid (V) ~ Shel Silverstein

Metrobus (V) ~ Bob Hallett

Misty Moisty Morning ~ Traditional

Mummers Carol, The (V)
   ~ (Based on Simani)

My Apology (V) ~ Séan McCann

The Night That Paddy Murphy Died (V)
   ~ Traditional

Northwest Passage (V) ~ Stan Rogers

Nothing But A Song (V)
   ~ Doyle & McCann

Nothing Out Of Nothing (V)
   ~ Séan McCann

Oh Yeah (V) ~ McCann, Hallett, Doyle

The Old Black Rum (V) ~ Bob Hallett
   Traditional Based

Old Brown's Daughter (V)
   ~ Johnny Burke (Long)

Old Brown's Daughter (V)
   ~ Johnny Burke (Short)

Old Polina, The ~ Traditional

Old Woman From Wexford, The (V)
   ~ Traditional (Pre-GBS)

Ordinary Day (V)
   ~ Doyle & McCann

Our Station (Pre-GBS)
   ~ From Spirit of the West

Over The Hills (V) ~ Bob Hallett

Own True Way (V)
   ~ Doyle, McCann, Chris Trapper

Penelope (V) ~ Chris Hynes

Process Man (V) ~ Ron Angel

Rant & Roar (V) ~ Traditional

Recruiting Sergeant (Vx3)~ Bob Hallett

Republican Song (Pre-GBS)
   ~ McCann & Hallett

Rigadoon (Vx4) ~ Traditional

Riley's Daughter (Pre-GBS) ~ Traditional

River Driver (V) ~ Traditional

Road To Ruin (V)
   ~ Doyle/Joel Plaskett/Paul Lamb

Rocks Of Merasheen (V)
   ~ Al Pittman

Run Runaway (V)
   ~ Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea

Safe Upon The Shore (V)
   ~ McCann and Murray Foster

Scolding Wife ~ Traditional (V)

Sea Of No Cares (V)
   ~ Doyle, McCann, Chris Trapper

Seagulls (V) ~ Bob Hallett

The Seven Joys Of Mary (V)
   ~ Traditional

Shines Right Through Me (Vx2)
   ~ McCann, Doyle, & Mahoney

Someday Soon (Vx2) ~ Alan Doyle

Somedays (V) ~ Séan McCann

Something I Should Know ~ Séan McCann

Something To It (V) ~ Séan McCann

Straight To Hell (V) ~ Alan Doyle

Stumbling In (V) ~ Alan Doyle

Summer (V) ~ Séan McCann & Alan Doyle

Tickle Cove Pond ~ Mark Walker

Time Brings (V) ~ Séan McCann

Tishialuk Girls Set ~ Charlie Lloyd

Trois Navires De Blé (V) ~ Traditional

Two Jinkers
   (V) (Jimmy Walsh & Stephen) ~ Traditional

Walk On The Moon (V)
   ~ Alan Doyle & Gordie Sampson

Wandering Ways
~ Séan McCann & Dr Greg Browne

Wave Over Wave (V)
   ~ Jim Payne

What Are Ya' At? (Vx2)
   ~ Alan Doyle

When I Am King (V) ~ Alan Doyle

When I'm Up I Can't Get Down (Vx2)

Where Did You Go? (V)
   ~ McCann/O'Brien/Plaskett

Widow In The Window (Vx2)
   ~ Doyle, McCann, Trapper

Yankee Sailor (V)
   ~ Doyle, Hallett, Plaskett, Lamb

Yarmouth Town (V) ~ Traditional

Biographical Notes

Great Big Sea formed in Newfoundland in 1993 when Alan Doyle of Petty Harbour joined up with Darrell Power of Outer Cove, and former Rankin Street members Séan McCann of Carbonear, and Bob Hallett of St John's. In 2003, Darrell Power left the group and was replaced by Murray Foster of Thornhill, ON. Kris MacFarlane of Westville, NS joined as drummer. The only Rankin Street recording (Pre-GBS tape — Live At The Blarneystone Pub in St John's, NL) was released in the UK in 1991 before Alan Doyle joined and the group became Great Big Sea. Back then the band was made up of Séan McCann, Darrell Power, Bob Hallett and Jacqui St Croix and played mostly traditional music.


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