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I Believe (V)

If This Isn't Heaven (V)

The Sailor (V)

Somewhere West Of Heaven (V)

There Goes My Sunshine (V)

You'll Never Find A Christmas Like The Ones In NL (V)

Biographical Notes

Gene Collins was born and raised in Placentia, Newfoundland, and has four brothers and one sister. Gene has been a lover of music all of his life and, according to his mom, was singing at age four. He has been performing as the lead vocalist with the band, Visions, for more than 22 years. Being born into a musical family, he just couldn't escape it. Just about every one of his cousins, nephews, nieces, brothers, and uncles sings or plays an instrument. In Gene's own words: "My two biggest influences were my brother, Wayne, and my first cousin, Kevin Collins. Everyone is familiar and proud of Kevin's success as an artist and I respect him immensely." Probably what most people don't know is that Wayne wrote many great tunes for Kevin, including The Hills Of Home, Follow The Wind, The Rose Of Newfoundland, and many more. He is a talented songwriter, destined for greatness.

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