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Big Oil (V)

Christmas Roses ~ P Frances/G Romero (V)

It Makes No Difference Now ~ F Tillman (V)

My Home In St John's (V)

Old Polina ~ Traditional (V)

Patsy Fagan ~ T P Leonard (V)

Take Me Home, William Carson (V)

Biographical Notes

William T (Paddy) Gearin [1936-2007] was born in Shea Heights, St John's, NL, where he lived until his sixteenth birthday when, as an orphan, he moved to his father's hometown of Renews. A few months after his eighteenth birthday he left Renews to work on the U.S. base in Greenland as a civilian contractor. There, along with some Newfoundland buddies, Paddy formed his first musical group, The Newfie Band, to play Newfoundland music, have some fun and make a few extra dollars.

At age 20, Paddy joined the Canadian Armed Forces and was stationed in Germany for 2-1/2 years with the Royal Canadian Dragoons. During his European posting, he spent all of his leave time in Ireland, his ancestral home. In his six visits there, he travelled the country, enjoying the sights, attending musical events, sitting in on sessions with local musicians and adding songs to his repertoire.

On his return to Canada, Paddy was posted to Meaford Military Camp until his honourable discharge in 1965. He lived in Collingwood, Ontario, and worked with Goodyear for 14 years. In civilian life, he was very active in local sports and again became involved in the music scene with songwriting, performing, and recording.

In 1979, Paddy went to work for Texaco, travelling the Great Lakes and open seas as a cook on some of the company's tankers. His work brought him to Newfoundland more than once to visit family and friends. In many ports on the Great Lakes, he made use of his time ashore, performing in Legion halls and some selected night clubs doing what he loved most, singing and entertaining.

After leaving Texaco, Paddy spent a number of years travelling full-time as a musician. His journeys eventually brought him back to Newfoundland where he entertained on a regular basis. He joined the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in 1989, serving three years in St John's and ten years in Ontario, retiring there in 2002.

Paddy returned to Newfoundland and his native Shea Heights, shortly after he retired. A few months before turning 70, he began to work on his recording, Songs And Tunes from Ireland (2006 CD, Ambassador Records, Oshawa, Ontario), an idea he had since those early days in Ireland. On the CD liner Dermot O'Reilly noted: It has been a great pleasure and an inspirational experience working with him to help fulfill one of his dreams. Thanks for the opportunity, Paddy.

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