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Bingo And Another World (V)

Bubbles In The Glass (V)

It's Going To Rain Tomorrow (V)

Maritime Girl (V)

Return To Newfoundland (V)

Song For Ross

That Old Feelin'

Biographical Notes

Rex Hemeon [1940-1988] was best known for his single Bingo and Another World and the album of the same name. His biggest hit, however, was Bubbles In The Glass, which reached number one in 1979 on the VOCM radio network, ahead of Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. Born in Bishop's Falls, he moved to Ontario when he was a child but soon returned to his native Newfoundland, eventually settling in Botwood. His career as a performer began when he entered a talent show at the age of 16, performed a song he wrote himself and walked away with first prize. In 1962, he began performing on the nightclub circuit throughout Newfoundland, doing television and radio spots in Grand Falls. His early hits included Rough And Tumble Newfie and Home Sick Newf. Hemeon's big break, however, came in 1979 when he recorded Bingo And Another World which topped the charts in Newfoundland and hit the Top 30 all across Canada. That year he was nominated for four awards by RPM magazine in Toronto: Top Male Vocalist, Best Single, Best Album, and Best New Artist. He recorded four albums during his career and four singles on record labels such as RCA. When Charlie Pride was on tour in Newfoundland, he performed with Rex Hemeon.

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