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All For Me Grog ~ Traditional (V)

Banks Of The Roses ~ Traditional (V)

The Bell Island Song (V)

Between Two Trees ~ Charlie McKinnon (Vx2)

The Black Velvet Band ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Brennan On The Moor ~ Traditional (V)

The Butcher Boy ~ Traditional (V)

The Cliffs Of Baccalieu ~ Jack Withers (V)

Come Back Paddy Reilly ~ William Percy French (V)

Come Round Any Old Time ~ Cammie Howard (V)

Dan Malone ~ Sean McCarthy (V)

Erin's Green Shore ~ Traditional (V)

Far Away In Australia ~ Traditional (V)

Farewell To Nova Scotia ~ Traditional (V)

Fellow From Fortune ~ Traditional (V)

Fiddler's Green ~ John Conolly (V)

The Garden Song ~ David Mallett (V)

Girl From Donegal ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Glenswilly ~ Mick McGinley (V)

Hear The Nightingale Sing ~ Traditional (V)

The Hills Of Glenshee ~ Andrew Sharpe? (V)

If I Were A Blackbird ~ Traditional (Vx2)

I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget ~ Traditional (V)

The Kelligrews Soiree ~ Johnny Burke (V)

The Last Great Charge ~ Traditional (V)

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's ~ Otto P Kelland (V)

Little Boats Of Newfoundland ~ Roy Payne (V)

Liverpool Lou ~ Dominic Behan (V)

Maggie ~ George Washington Johnson (V)

Mary Of The Wild Moor ~ Traditional (V)

Mother Malone ~ Traditional (V)

My Lovely Irish Rose ~ Fred Kearney (V)

The Newfie Clock Winder ~ Traditional (V)

Nobody's Child ~ Cy Coben & Mel Foree (V)

Now I'm Sixty-Four ~ Traditional (V)

Paddy The Peddler ~ Traditional (V)

Patches (Of Old Shanteytown) ~ B Mann/L Kobler (V)

Peggy Gordon ~ Traditional (V)

The Pub With No Beer ~ D Sheehan/G Parsons (V)

Queer Things In Dublin ~ Brian Warfield (V)

Rare Old Times ~ Pete St John (V)

Roses Are Blooming ~ Doc Williams (V)

Soldier Boy In Brown (V)

Squid-Jiggin' Ground ~ Arthur R Scammell (V)

Star Of Logy Bay ~ Traditional (V)

Sweet Sixteen ~ Traditional (V)

Sweet Strabane ~ Traditional (V)

Take Me Home To Mayo ~ Seámus Robinson (V)

Toast To Newfoundland ~ Traditional (V)

The Town I Loved So Well ~ Phil Coulter (V)

Twenty One Years ~ Bob Miller (V)

Twice Daily ~ Adge Cutler (V)

Wind That Shakes The Corn ~ Robert Dwyer Joyce (V)

Biographical Notes

From The Canadian Encyclopedia - Harry Hibbs (Henry Thomas Joseph) [1942-1989] was a singer, songwriter and accordionist from Bell Island, NL, who grew up playing the button accordion. He moved to Toronto in 1961 and worked in various factories. In 1968, he began singing and playing the accordion as His Nibs, Harry Hibbs, Newfoundland's Favourite Son at the Caribou Club, a Newfoundlanders' social centre in Toronto. He starred from 1969 to 1975 in CHCH TV's At the Caribou and The Harry Hibbs Show. With his Caribou Show Band (later called the Sea Forest Plantation), he performed throughout the Maritimes and Ontario and toured the British Isles in the early 1970s. Hibbs made more than ten albums before his career waned in the late 1970s. Sales of his early albums made him a leading Canadian recording artist of the day. Hibbs' music mixed the Scottish and Irish folk traditions of Newfoundland with elements of country music. His repertoire included jigs, reels, dance pieces, and his own ballads, mostly tributes to Newfoundland.

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