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1962 (V)

30 For 60 ~ with Al Pittman (Vx2)

Atlantic Blue (V)

Away (V)

Back Home On The Island (Vx3)

Believe To Be Free (V)

Cape Spear (V)

Captain John (V)

Christmas In The Harbour (V)

Common Man (V)

Constance (V)

Cryer's Paradise (V)

Dance Hall Girls
~ Allan Hugh Fraser (V)

Dry (V)

Final Breath (V)

Ghost Of Dana Bradley, The (V)

Godspeed (V)

Gone To Canada (V)

A Good Dog Is Lost
~ with Lisa Hynes (V)

Home On The Island (V)

I Never Met A Liar (I Didn't Like)
~ with Connie Hynes (V)

I'll Be There Christmas Eve (V)

I'll Tell Me Ma - Belfast City
~ Traditional (V)

Leaving On The Evening Tide (V)

~ w/Declan O'Doherty (V)

Man Of A Thousand Songs (V)

Mary Got A Baby
~ with Connie Hynes (V)

Native Side
~ with Connie Hynes (V)

No Change In Me
~ with Murray McLaughlin (V)

No, Kathleen
~ with Connie Hynes (Vx2)

Old Brown's Daughter
~ Johnny Burke (V)

Piccadilly Sand Farewell
~ with Émile Benoit (V)

Picture To Hollywood
~ with Connie Hynes (V)

Put Your Hand In The Hand
~ Gene MacLellan (V)

Primitive Thunder (V)

Safe Home
~ with Terry Kelly (V)

St John's Waltz (V)

She's Not Wild Anymore
~ with Connie Hynes

Sonny's Dream (Vx2)

The Southern Shore Queen
~ Rewrite (V)

Wayfaring Stranger
~ Traditional (V)

Where Does Love Go Wrong (V)

The Wild Rover ~ Traditional (V)

Biographical Notes

Ron Hynes [1950-2015] was born in St John's, NL, and raised in Ferryland. He was a founding member of The Wonderful Grand Band, one of Newfoundland's most popular performing groups, and had released seven solo albums before his death from cancer. With a songwriting career that spanned more than 30 years, Hynes was a six-time East Coast Music Award winner, a Genie Award winner and a past Juno, CCMA and Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee. He had been the recipient of both Artist of The Year and the prestigious Arts Achievement Award from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the St John's Folk Arts Council. Ron Hynes also held an Honorary doctorate from Memorial University for his songwriting and his contribution to the cultural life of his beloved home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Additional Notes About Connie Hynes

"Not a week goes by that I don't listen to a RON HYNES recording. In fact, I listen to one or two complete Ron CD's on average weekly. His songs resonate with me more and more with the passing of time. And like all that matters in life, my appreciation grows as the roots grow deeper, expanding with age. Much has been spoken, written and discussed pertaining to Ron's songs by myself and countless others but often lost in the shuffle is Connie Corkum Hynes contribution to these works.

"Connie is the co-writer of several of Ron's most enduring and beloved songs including No Kathleen, Maybe She Went Crazy, Picture To Hollywood, You Drove Me There, Native Side, Do You (along with Jamie Snider) and arguably the finest piece from Standing In Line In The Rain, Shine Like Diamonds. The opening track from Face To The Gale bearing her namesake, Constance is a powerful and compelling number ripe with metaphor, descriptive language and disturbingly confessional. I've always interpreted it as all that and courageously soul-baring- sheer poetry.

"I don't pretend to know how Ron and Connie partnered creatively - the manner or process therein and how they acquiesced as a songwriting team. In fact, I have no knowledge whatsoever. But how many times, as the band played the opening notes to so many of those songs did I watch Ron lean into the microphone and say, "I wrote this one with Connie Hynes". He would sometimes say, impishly, that Connie helped him find his "feminine side" or "sensitive voice".

"Perhaps the greatest example of Ron and Connie's creative achievements is represented by the CD, 11.11/Newfoundland Women Sing Songs By Ron and Connie Hynes. Opening with a truly perfect rendering of Never Met a Liar (I Didn't Like) delivered by Anita Best. This exceptional album features spirited performances by DAMHNAIT DOYLE, SHIRLEY DALTON and a stunningly beautiful performance from Liz Solo Pickard at the time. Mary Got A Baby sounds like it was written for COLLEEN POWER as she appropriately takes ownership of this classic, never recorded on a RON HYNES album but a huge live fav as I'm sure the fanbase will attest. 11.11... was celebrated in the late 1990's with a string of consecutive shows at the L.S.P.U. Hall.

"Connie Corkum Hynes also provided the photographs that adorn CRYERS PARADISE and contributed graphically to FACE TO THE GALE. Her beguiling artwork graces the cover and fold-out sleeve to 11.11... and likewise beautiful painting for the cover of the first edition of STANDING IN LINE IN THE RAIN. She also performed executive production duties on two albums.

"It's important that folks know Connie's many contributions to Ron's artistic output. It's important that young songwriters and those who have just recently come to Ron's recorded works know of her significant role.

"As we welcome proudly the rising young women on the provincial music scene like Kat McLevey, Brianna Gosse, Sarah Harris and many more, as well as the great efforts put forth by Girls Rock NL. please join me in acknowledging and saying Thank You to Connie Corkum Hynes for all she has given us. Perhaps fitting to close with this last verse from Constance. Cheers All."

Constance, the rain is falling now,
Like a ghostly shroud the fog rolls in;
As a common rule, it takes a special kind of fool
To find a drowning pool and fall in.
Oh, the tale I tell is of a loaded gun,
And another one who took your heart and soul;
Here inside this cell, they know me all too well,
Tho' my name is just a number on a roll.

~ Anthony Ploughman, Augusta Songs Publishing, St John's, NL.

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