Pearl Janes & Karren Churchill
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Away To The Sea ~ Karren Churchill (V)

The Computer Song ~ Karren Churchill (V)

Daughter Nell ~ Traditional (V)

Going With The Flo ~ K Churchill & T Janes (V)

Grandma's Apron ~ Thomas Janes (V)

Hills Of Connemara ~ Séan McCarthy (V)

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning ~ Philip P Bliss (V)

Little Cabin Home On The Hill ~ Flatt/Monroe (V)

Newfoundland Blessing ~ Roberts/Prince (V)

Old Spinning Wheel ~ Billy Hill (V)

Significant Other ~ Karren Churchill (V)

Waltzing On Top Of The World ~ Reeves/Courtney (V)

Wildflowers ~ Pearl Janes (V-F/B)

Biographical Notes

Pearl Janes is from Musgravetown and Karen Churchill is from Twillingate, NL. The pair met around 2007 and have complemented one another's musical talents ever since. Their debut CD, Outport Country - Back To Back, was released in 2013.

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