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British Navy Pusser's Rum (V)

Dearest Lavinia (V)

Down By The Salley Gardens (V)

Get Her Into Shore (V)

John (V)

Liyanna (V)

Reunion (V)

Song For The Bowdoin (V)

Too Late For The Breaking Yard (V)

Waiting For The Glue To Dry (V)

Wreck Of The Bay Rupert, The (V)

Biographical Notes

(Excerpted from an album intro by Sandy Paton)

Larry Kaplan's songs have been sung by Gordon Bok, Cindy Kallet, and others, but only recently was I able to hear Larry himself sing them. I can't remember an evening in which I've heard a singer/songwriter weave so many lovely songs into a two-hour program.

Larry's songs are truly ballads or stories told in song. Most give us thoughtful stories of real people, their good times and hard times, and the way they manage to deal with whatever they are dealt. But they are also beautiful songs, often deeply moving and highly singable. Larry is a keen and sympathetic observer of the human condition. He cares deeply and writes eloquently about the concerns of others, reflecting his profound respect for the farmers, fishermen, and the other hard working people of New England, from the hills of Vermont, to the Maine coast, and the Connecticut shoreline. But these are not merely regional songs. Larry's themes address topics of concern to all of us who care about those with whom we share this planet.

Originally from Boston, Larry spent many of his early years in Maine. He helped restore, then crewed on the Schooner Bowdoin to the Labrador, and is one of the few people I know who worked his way through college and graduate school. He spent time as a night clerk in a New Orleans hotel and met his wife one evening when he was singing in a Providence coffeehouse while doing further graduate work at Brown. It was during those years that he got to know Gale and Mildred Huntington on Martha's Vineyard, a friendship that is told in several of his best-known songs, including Old Zeb and Song for Gale.

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