Labrador Black Spruce
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Ashuanipi Wish ~ Ric Burt & Nick Kennedy (V)

The Banks Of North River ~ E Davis & W Arsenault (V)

Beauty By The Sea ~ L Pardy, R Burt & N Kennedy (V)

The Fisherman's Dream ~ L Pardy, R Burt, & N Kennedy (V)

The Half Door ~ W Arsenault & R Burt (V)

How I Love My Grandpa ~ Cec Fry (V)

Just Beyond The Mountain ~ Powell/Burt/Kennedy

Labrador's Home (V)

The Land God Gave To Cain ~ P & J Byrne & C Rose (V)

Lure Of The Labrador Wild ~ N Kennedy & R Burt (V)

North To Carol ~ Doc Thomas (V)

Ode To Trappers ~ Lesley Pardy & Terry Reilly (V)

The Old Car ~ Ron & Sheilagh Harvey (V)

The Old House ~ Powell, Burt & Kennedy

Our Own North Country ~ L Pardy & W Arsenault (V)

Spring In The Cove ~ Ron & Sheilagh Harvey (V)

Tribute To Wabush ~ Ron & Sheilagh Harvey (V)

Twillingate Island ~ Willie Arsenault (V)

We Sons Of Labrador ~ Byron Chaulk (V)

Biographical Notes

Labrador Black Spruce were six musicians, Mike Willcot, Nick Kennedy, Ric Burt, Ron Harvey, Cec Fry, and Willie Arsenault, whose main goal was to record songs by poets and songwriters of Labrador. They collected poems and set them to music and also wrote some original material based on one of Canada's last frontiers. Their style was folk/country with a nice mix of instruments. Their first album, available on cassette, was Love Of The Land and their second, available on cassette and CD, was Ashuanipi Wish. The heartfelt lyrics, good bluegrass-style harmonies and solid musicianship gave the group an underlying strength that brought their material forward with honesty and conviction. Their songs have simplicity, personality and charm. In 1999, Labrador Black Spruce disbanded because work commitments and locations were limiting their ability to travel to the venues where they had offers to play. They were all working full-time jobs and one of their members was a medical doctor. An additional album, The Best Of Labrador Black Spruce was released in 2005.

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