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Dirty Old Town (V)

Father's Song (V)

The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) (V)

Joy Of Living (V)

Manchester Rambler (V)

Net Hauling Song ~ Traditional (V)

Shoals Of Herring (V)

Up The Pond (V)

Biographical Notes

Ewan MacColl [1915-1989] was born James Henry Miller and was a noted folk singer, actor, playwright, musicologist, and songwriter. His parents were from Scotland and relocated to Salford, Lancashire, England, where he was born. His parents were laborers and socialists, well-versed in Scottish, Irish, and English folk songs. MacColl left school to work as a laborer and mechanic when only 14, and became a strong union supporter which showed in his songs over the years. He changed his name in 1949, and, after moving to London in the 1950s, became an important figure in the emerging British folk song revival. He founded the Ballads And Blues Club (later renamed the Singers Club) and was active in promoting folk music in Britain. In 1962, MacColl was refused a visa to enter the United States because of his political leanings. This caused a furor in the folk music world, and he was eventually allowed into the country.

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