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The Harbour Is Empty (V)

A Land Called Labrador (V)

A Long Time Ago (V)

Broken Wings (V)

Prisoner Of The Wind ~ with A Frank Willis

Shanty Town

Somewhere Beyond The Hill

Take Me To The Country (V)

This Is My Home (V)

Biographical Notes

Harry Martin is from Cartwright, Labrador, where he worked full-time as a wildlife conservation officer since leaving the army. Much of his songwriting is inspired by the land and its people. He is a fourth generation Labradorian whose ancestry is a mixture of European settler and Labrador Inuit. He writes and sings songs that reflect the beauty of his beloved Labrador, its majestic mountains, wild untamed rivers and the quiet places. His compositions tell tales of pioneers and old timers, and speak of the triumphs and tragedies of early life in Labrador that helped make it the cultural mosaic it is today. He sees his songs and stories as an effective way to preserve the land and inform audiences of Labrador's history.

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