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The Ballad Of Junius Wilson ~ John Curran (V)

Big Strong Man ~ Traditional (Vx2)

Boston Rose ~ Liam Reilly (V)

Botany Bay ~ Based On A Traditional (V)

The Boys Of The Old Brigade ~ Traditional (V)

The Cliffs Of Baccalieu ~ Jack Withers (Vx4)

Cockles And Mussels ~ J Yorkston & E Forman (V)

Come Back Paddy Reilly (To Ballyjamesduff) ~ Percy French (V)

Cousin Mary ~ Brian & Edmund Pilling (V)

Flower Of Kilkenny ~ Traditional (V)

The Foggy Shores Of Home ~ Gary O'Driscoll (Vx2)

Fox On The Run ~ Tony Hazzard (V)

I Never Will Marry ~ Traditional (Vx2)

I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me ~ Robert Massey (V)

The Leprechaun ~ Don Sullivan (V)

Long Long Before Your Time ~ Johnny McEvoy (V)

Mingulay Boat Song ~ Sir Hugh Roberton (V)

Nancy Spain ~ Barney Rush (V)

New South Wales ~ Traditional (V)

Old Home Place ~ Mitch Jayne/Dean Webb (V)

Old Maid In A Garrett (The Wooing Maid) ~ M Parker (V)

Portland Town ~ Steve Romanoff (V)

Rocks Of Bawn ~ Traditional (V)

Rollin' On The Sea ~ V Roger Stone

Silver Sea ~ Kevin Evans & Stephen Wainright (V)

There Were Roses ~ Tommy Sands (V)

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere ~ Bob Dylan (V)

Biographical Notes

The Masterless Men were founded in 1991, led by John Curran of Ferryland, with Chuck Lewis, Dave Lush, Perry Dawe, and Bob Wiseman. After more than 20 years and with seven albums under their belts: Ode to Age, 1993; Breaking New Ground, 1995; Back On Track, 2000; On The Run, 2002; Christmas With The Masterless Men, 2005; Bramble And The Rose, 2008; and 20 Years, 2011; the Masterless Men are still delighting audiences with tunes that fuse the sounds of Irish, folk and bluegrass. In 2012, the band along with Greg Walsh performed live at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk festival, continuing to share their love of music with the world.

From The Canadian Encyclopedia - Masterless Men of Newfoundland was a legendary outlaw society which flourished in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. According to tradition, for which there is little documentary evidence, they were men escaping press gangs, Royal Navy deserters, and runaway indentured servants from fishing plantations who fled inland to escape their harsh life. Led by Peter Kerrivan, an Irish-born [circa 1750] deserter, the Masterless Men are said to have inhabited the wild Butter Pot barrens of the Avalon Peninsula. Regarded as criminals by the authorities, they lived by hunting, fishing, stealing and illegally trading in isolated villages. They reputedly blazed Newfoundland's first roads, some for practical purposes, others as blind leads to confound pursuers. Two or possibly four of them were captured and hanged, but authorities never succeeded in breaking up the outlaw society, nor did they capture Kerrivan who became a folk hero in Newfoundland lore. In the early 19th century, as social conditions improved, the Masterless Men allegedly moved to outports where they could find work and live as independent fishermen.

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