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The Darling Girl From Clare ~ W P French (V)

Haste To The Wedding ~ P J McCall (V)

Irish Soldier Boy ~ Traditional (V)

Let Mr McQuire Sit Down ~ Traditional (V)

Likeable, Lovable Leitrim Lad ~ Peter McNulty (V)

Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake ~ C Frank Horn (V)

Song Of The Thirty-Two Counties ~ T D Sullivan (V)

Biographical Notes
The earliest recordings of Newfoundland and Labrador songs appeared in the 1930s. Among the most popular were those made by the McNulty Family, an Irish-American group that appeared frequently on radio and visited the island often for concerts.

Notes abstracted from a research article published online and copyright © 2010 by the Society for American Music:
The McNulty Family was known as the royal family of Irish entertainers. They were the hottest Irish entertainment act on the East Coast, and perhaps in all of North America, from the 1930s through the 1950s. Ann "Ma" McNulty was the leader; her son Peter played violin and piano, sang, and danced; and her daughter Eileen sang and danced. They also acted and performed skits to accompany songs and comedy routines. Their shows were a high-energy, fast-paced type of vaudeville event. Ann Burke was born in Kilteevan, County Roscommon, IE, in 1887 and emigrated to the United States in 1910. She married John McNulty in 1914 and was a widow by 1928. This emigrant, who played the melodeon, and her two talented children started to entertain people to make a living. At the height of their career in the early 1940s, in addition to appearing at several venues every week, they had two radio shows, wrote a weekly column for the Irish Advocate newspaper, and had released about eighty recordings. Their vaudeville style was an excellent complement to their talents, where acting and dancing were part of the delivery of a song or comedy routine.
~ Ted McGraw (2010). The McNulty Family. Journal of the Society for American Music, Vol 4, pp.451-473

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