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Age In My Eyes (But My Heart Is Still Young) (V)

Farewell To My Fishing Days (V)

Heart That Will Never Break ~ Edd Easter (V)

Home By The River (Vx2)

Only Love Like Yours Can Set Me Free (V)

Save The Grand River (V)

Too Old To Die Young ~ Moe Bandy (V)

Biographical Notes

Eldred Mesher was born in 1950 in Paradise River, Sandwich Bay, Labrador. Growing up in such a remote northern location was tough but prepared him for a good life. The one-room school which serviced the educational needs of the small town just happened to be situated on the other side of the river from where his family's homestead was located. Music wasn't taught in that small school in those days, just the basic general education. So, as a youngster, it brought him great pleasure when he would wind up his dad's old gramophone, place a 78 RPM record on its surface and became entranced with the golden sounds of Country and Western music's early masters. Music of performers such as Hank Snow, Wilf Carter, Jim Reeves, Jimmy Rogers and Hank Williams would ring out as the needle of the player raced quickly to the centre of the record.

Starting at age 15, Eldred began to write the first of many songs. His songwriting improved over the years as his interest in music continued to flourish. Today Eldred lives in Happy Valley where he drives a school bus. In a few short years, he intends to retire from the workforce and return to his birthplace in Paradise River, where he plans to continue his love for writing and recording music.

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