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500 Years Ago (V)

Manitou (Idle No More) (V)

My Newfoundland (V)

Newfoundland The Beautiful (V)

Ode To A Flower (V)

Old St John's (V)

A Torbay Love Song (V)

Biographical Notes

Mickey Michael is a retired schoolteacher and international traveler. His songs, both lyrics and music, come from his philosophical outlook on life. He enjoys writing about the province of his birth, Newfoundland and Labrador, and its history, its present and its future, as well as its natural beauty, the goodness of its people, and the devotion they have for their native land. In the past, Mickey heard his forefathers talk and sing about the life they experienced in this land and about the love stories their lives created. The impressions made upon his spirit are still with him and serve as the solid foundation for the lyrics of many of his songs.

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