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Concerning One Summer In Bonay (V)

Hard Hard Times (V)

Lots Of Fish In Bonavist' Harbour (V)

The Sealer's Song (V)

Southern Cross (V)

Time To Be Made A Wife (V)

Biographical Notes

Alan Mills [1913-1977] was born Albert Miller in Lachine, QC, and became a Canadian folksinger, writer, and actor. As a young man, He worked as a newspaperman, but left this work about 1940 and took a job in radio. There he hosted a show for CBC radio on which he played Canadian folk music. Mills began singing and recording traditional music from Canada, accompanying himself on guitar. His first album, Let's Sing a Little, was released by RCA Victor. He composed the classic folk song I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (with lyrics by Rose Bonne) which was later recorded by Burl Ives, Peter Paul and Mary and many others. He published a book, The Alan Mills Book of Folk Songs and Ballads, in 1949. His recordings of authentic traditional music were reviewed by Oscar Brand in the Saturday Review of Music, and included in a number of folk music compilation albums. Mills was signed to take part in tour of the United States in 1960, and that year performed at the Newport Folk Festival. He was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1974 for his contributions to Canadian folklore. Mills has also released several albums on Folkways Records of Canadian and French folk songs.

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