Pamela Morgan Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD
(Including Songs With Figgy Duff)

The Blackwater Side ~ Traditional (Pamela Morgan) (V)

Eggs And Marrow Bones ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Freedom ~ Noel Dinn (Figgy Duff) (V)

Green Shores Of Fogo ~ Traditional (V)

Greenland Disaster, The ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Henry Martin ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Holly And The Ivy ~ Traditional (w/Anita Best) (V)

I'll Hang My Harp ~ Thomas Haynes Bayly

It Ain't Funny (V)

A Lad And A Lass ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

The Lowlands Of Holland ~ Traditional

Lukey's Boat ~ Virtue Kean (w/Anita Best) (V)

Matt Eiley ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Nancy From London ~ Traditional (V)

The Nobleman's Wedding Traditional (w/E Caroll) (V)

Out West ~ Traditional (V)

Rabbits In A Basket ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Seven Years ~ Traditional (V)

Snowy Night ~ Pamela Morgan/Noel Dinn (V)

Something Calling ~ Noel Dinn (V)

Streets Of The Night ~ P Morgan/N Dinn (V)

Súil A Grá ~ Traditional (w/Anita Best) (Vx2)

Tarry Trousers ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Thomas The Rhymer ~ Traditional

Tinker Behind The Door ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

The Two Sisters ~ Traditional (w/Anita Best)

The Union From St John's ~ Trad (w/Anita Best) (V)

The Union From St John's ~ Traditional (Figgy Duff) (V)

Woman Of Labrador ~ Andy Vine (Figgy Duff) (V)

Woman's Touch, A ~ P Morgan (V)

Ye Rambling Boys ~ Traditional (V)

Weather Out The Storm ~ Morgan/Dinn (Figgy Duff) (V)

Biographical Notes

Pamela Morgan was born in 1957 in Grand Falls, NL, and for 19 years was lead singer, guitarist and arranger for the pioneering Celtic band, Figgy Duff, who brought Newfoundland's traditional music to the world stage. Since then, Pamela has been spearheading her own independent recording label, Amber Music, producing music for Newfoundland's finest roots artists, including three of her own solo CDs. Over the last few years, she has represented Canada at Expo in Japan, toured extensively in England, Canada, the USA and Europe, and overseen productions of two original scores for live theater, including her own folk opera, The Nobleman's Wedding. She continues to write, arrange, perform, and tour, in her own original and hauntingly beautiful style.

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