Roy Payne Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Back In '56 (V)

Ballad Of Tom Crocker, The

Be Proud You're A Newfie (V)

Catch A Plane To Fort McMurray (V)

City, I Want To Go Home (V)

Come Back To The Island

Come On Down

Dear Momma (V)

Didn't Take Too Long (V)

Dogberry Wine (V)

Dory Boat Man, The

Everybody Back Home Misses You

Fisherman's Dream ~ with Derek Pilgrim (V)

The Fishing Hole (V)

Goofy Newfie (V)

Hometown Boys (V)

If It Wasn't For The DJ's ~ w/Derek Pilgrim (Vx2)

Isle Of Newfoundland ~ Burt Cuff (V)

Labrador Shore, The (V)

Last Of The Reasons

Last Train Goin' Home (V)

Little Boats Of Newfoundland (V)

Momma's Long Black Hair (V)

My Mama's Resting Place (V)

Newfie Boy (V)

Newfie Stomp, The (V)

Old And Ugly

Parcel, The (V)

Picture Of My Newfoundland ~ w/Derek Pilgrim (V)

Side By Each (Vx2)

Single Maple Leaf (Vx2)

Smile On Mama's Face, The (V)

Sometimes You Never Know ~ Gerry Hall (V)

That's Why God Made Us Newfies (V)

There's No Price Tags On The Doors Of Nfld (Vx3)

This Is My Island ~ with Derek Pilgrim

Trout River Living On My Mind

Walking The Streets Of My Home Town (V)

When The Plane Touches Down In Deer Lake (V)

Willie's Yellar' Pick-Up Truck (V)

Yellow Piss Holes In The Snow ~ w/Derek Pilgrim (V)

Biographical Notes

Roy Absalom Payne was born in 1939 in Trout River, NL. He was raised by grandparents, served 12 years in the Canadian army, and was a truck driver amongst other odd jobs before making music his full-time vocation. All the while, Roy would write songs about his life experiences. I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf was written as he stepped off the plane from his last army trip to Egypt. Marriage breakdown, booze, and drug excesses were all great inspirations for Roy Payne's thirst in songwriting. While his recording career speaks for itself it's the lifestyle that surrounded it that probably says more. Roy Payne was a staple at the famed Horseshoe Club in Toronto, but the hard living and the rat race took its toll. He survived the loss of a lung which was a wake-up call. "I was getting on in life. The smog in Toronto was tough to deal with. I was using three puffers at a time to breathe. I needed some clean air." Roy moved up north and hasn't looked back since. "It's the best place for me this side of the Rock. I love it here. I can breathe. Down to one puffer every two weeks or so. I fish. I pedal a bike 15k every day. I write songs. What more could a man my age ask for?"

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