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The Badger Drive ~ J M Devine, w/Kelly Russell

Big Bow Wow ~ Traditional, w/Fergus O'Byrne (V)

Bound For St Peters ~ Traditional, w/F O'Byrne (V)

Brother John ~ Traditional, w/Kelly Russell

Double Sledder Lad ~ Traditional, w/F O'Byrne (V)

Empty Nets

Go Down You Blood Red Roses ~ Traditional (V)

I'll Show You Newfoundland (V)

In Memoriam

I've Been A Gay Rovin' Young Fellow ~ Traditional

Jolly Roving Tar ~ Traditional, w/Fergus O'Byrne (V)

A Leg Of Mutton Went Over To France ~ Traditional

Maurice Crotty ~ Johnny Burke?

Net Hauling Song ~ Traditional, w/Fergus O'Byrne (V)

Rig Worker's Alphabet (Vx2)

Sailing Along The French Shore (V)

Sally Monroe ~ Traditional (Live) (V)

Soldier Marry Me ~ Traditional, w/F O'Byrne (V)

Twin Lakes ~ Traditional, w/Kelly Russell (V)

Two Fishermen Missing (V)

Wave Over Wave (With Wife's Monologue) (V)

When We Was Boys (V)

Biographical Notes

Jim Payne [b.1955] is a professional performing artist and writer from Notre Dame Bay, NL. Long known as a leading performer and collector of Newfoundland traditional music, he is also one of the province's most prolific songwriters working in several genres. Jim has directed, composed and performed music for some of the most popular theatre productions of the past two decades, as well as creating soundtracks for plays, videos and documentaries. He has performed extensively on radio and television in Canada and abroad and has toured throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. Jim has a string of recording credits to his name, including solo recordings, contributions to anthologies of Newfoundland music, and support and production work on recordings by other Newfoundland artists. Jim also owns and operates his own recording label, SingSong Inc, and produces concerts and special events featuring traditional and contemporary music, song, story and dance that reflect the Newfoundland experience. Jim plays guitar, accordion, mandolin, tin whistle and violin, and is a singer, storyteller, actor, writer, stepdancer, and teacher of traditional Newfoundland set and square dances.

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