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Boy, Go On Back Home (V)

Fisher's Tale, The (V)

Gone Now Are The Stages (Vx2)

I Wish I'd Stayed Around (V)

Remember Your Wife Loves You (V)

Santa's Autograph (V)

Witless Bay Barrens (V)

Biographical Notes

Paul Pearcey is a Canadian government employee, visual artist and songwriter who grew up in St John's and Mount Pearl, NL. In his youth he was surrounded by music and was inspired by his gospel-singing father, aunts and uncles, his folk and country-singing cousin, David Pearcey, and many other family members and friends.

Paul's first foray into the music scene was in the early 1970's with Race Hanlon of Mount Pearl, where the duo played regularly in several clubs. In the years following, Paul played solo around St John's, as well as in the band Talis with Bob MacDonald and Len Power. He also performed as a folk duo with his cousin Bob Wiseman of the Masterless Men.

Paul's first CD, Up Close, was recorded in Bob Wiseman's Eastern Star Productions studio for release in 2000. Several tracks include the backing vocals of his sisters Betty and Ruth, and also Bob Wiseman, Bob MacDonald and Race Hanlon. A number of other superb local musicians can also be heard: Paul Monahan, Shane Monahan, Wally Cobb, John Noseworthy, Perry Dawe, Junior Reid and Glenn Hiscock.

Paul currently lives in Mount Pearl where he is working on his next CD. He also continues to write songs, poems and recitations, and paints as the creative mood strikes.

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