Bob Porter Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

All Those Ways (Vx2)

Bottle Of Wine ~ Tom Paxton

Bury Our Bodies In Newfoundland Soil (Vx2)

Cafés Down On Water Street (Vx2)

Canadian Pride (V)

Come On Home (V)

Ghosts Out In The Fog (Vx3)

Goin' Out Drinkin' (V)

Gypsy Blood ~ with A Frank Willis

High Rollin' Sea (V)

I Still Miss My Old Home Town (V)

Let The Gypsies Roll (V)

Light Up A Fire (V)

My Name Is (A Frank Willis) (V)

Newfoundland Rain (V)

Oh, Jenny ~ with A Frank Willis

Oh Lovely Newfoundland (V)

Our Piece O' Ground (V)

The Road Home (V)

Row, Row (V)

She Dives (V)

Shores Of Newfoundland (V)

Stand Up N' Fight (For Our Land) (V)

Up She Rises (V)

We'll Go Back (V)

We're Coming Home (Wave The Flag) (Vx2)

Where The Winds Take Me (V)

Will You? (V)

Winds Gotta Blow (V)

Yankee Lady ~ Jesse Winchester

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