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A Little Of Your Lovin' ~ Dave Panting (V)

Chessboard Dancer ~ Dave Panting (V)

Colleen ~ Dave Panting (V)

Dance Hall ~ Dave Panting (V)

Don't You Be The One ~ Dave Panting

Ghost Of Love ~ Dave Panting (V)

It'll Have To Wait ~ Geoff Panting (V)

Long Night ~ Dave Panting (V)

The Long Way Home ~ Geoff Panting (V)

Look Ahead ~ Dave Panting (V)

Make The Change ~ Geoff Panting (V)

Mystery Tonight ~ Geoff Panting

Reel 'n' Roll ~ Dave Panting (Vx2)

Some People ~ Geoff Panting (V)

Turn Of The Wheel ~ Geoff Panting

When My Ship Comes In ~ Geoff Panting (Vx2)

Where Would I Be ~ Brian Bourne (V)

Wild Rose ~ Dave Panting (Vx2)

You Will Always Have My Love ~ Dave Panting (V)

Biographical Notes

One of Canada's most accomplished Celtic/Rock bands, Rawlins Cross was formed in St John's, NL, in the late 1980s by brothers Dave and Geoff Panting and Ian McKinnon. Since then, Rawlins Cross has been at the vanguard of the fusion of Celtic traditional music with the rhythms of rock, pop and world beat music. Equally at ease with a soulful Highland air or a raucous party song, Rawlins Cross never fails to electrify its audiences. The band is always a fan favorite on the North American and European music festival circuit.


The video below features Rawlins Cross with their Memory Waltz instrumental

#583: YouTube video by groundswell01
℗2008 ~ Used with permission ~


The video below features two Rawlins Cross songs: Make The Change and Reel 'n' Roll performed at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.

#723: YouTube video by groundswell01
℗2009 ~ Used with permission ~

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