Stan Rogers Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Acadian Saturday Night (V)

Barrett's Privateers (V)

Bluenose (V)

Dark Eyed Molly ~ Archie Fisher (V)

The Field Behind The Plow

First Christmas (V)

Fisherman's Wharf (V)

The Flowers Of Bermuda

Flying (V)

Fogarty's Cove (V)

Forty-Five Years (V)

Free In The Harbour (V)

The Giant (V)

Harris And The Mare (V)

The Idiot (V)

The Jeannie C (V)

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's ~ Otto P Kelland (V)


Lookout Hill ~ Lee Bushell

Louise's Song (V)

The Maid On The Shore (V)

Make And Break Harbour (V)

The Mary Ellen Carter (V)

Northwest Passage (V)

Oh No, Not I (V)

The Rawdon Hills (V)

Rolling Down To Old Maui (V)

Sailor's Rest (V)

Strings And Dory Plug ~ Lee Bushell

Three Fishers ~ Charles Kingsley (V)

Tiny Fish For Japan (V)

Up In Fox Island ~ Lee Bushell

White Squall (V)

The Wreck Of The Athens Queen (V)

Biographical Notes

Stan Allison Rogers [1949-1983] is considered by many to be the greatest of all Canadian folk singers. From Hannon, a small farming community outside Hamilton, ON, he was surrounded by many styles of music throughout his childhood. He had often spent summers with relatives in Nova Scotia where he wrote down his observations and later transformed them into songs of ordinary working folks. Those songs, and others like them, gave new voice to those who worked fisheries, mining and farming all across Canada. He loved performing and the people about whom he wrote. Stan was a passionate and enthusiastic artist whose creative life was tragically cut short from smoke inhalation along with 22 other passengers on Air Canada flight 797.


Below is a playlist of Stan Rogers songs recorded, performed live, or performed as covers by others.

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