Roustabout Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD
(All Songs written by Robert Starkes unless noted)

100% Newfoundlander (V)

A Piece Of The Rock (V)

All Roads Lead To The Sea (V)

Back To My Island (V)

Built Like A Rock

Can't Find Newfoundland (V)

Danny's Song ~ Parody (V)

Five Roses Thong (V)

Goin' Out The Same Way ~ Unknown & Rob Starkes

Goodbye To You

I'm In The Right (V)

I've Been Everywhere ~ Lorne Rideout

Last Of The Reasons

Newfoundlanders In Heaven (V)

Ol' Newfoundland

'Round The Bay On Saturday Night

The Place We Come From (V)

Those Summertime Hills

Traveled In Time (V)

Turn This Ship Around (V)

Who's Gonna Farm Your Oil (V)

Biographical Notes

Roustabout is made up of three LaScie lads: Owen Burton, Rob Starkes and Lorne Rideout. Although all were born in different communities (Owen on the Horse Islands, Rob in Nipper's Harbor, and Lorne in Tilt Cove) they all call LaScie home. The original Roustabout was formed several years ago when Owen came down off his "rockin' years" and began to take a shine to more traditional music. Since that time, Roustabout has gone from seven - as a result of retirements and work commitments - to the present three members. Owen's roots are with the guitar, but he also plays bass and mandolin and is the lead vocalist for the group; Lorne plays harmonica and button accordion; and Rob contributes with some rhythm guitar, a bit of percussion (ugly stick) and sings the occasional tune. Rob writes most of the band's material, although Lorne and Owen have been known to chip in every now and again.

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