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A Children's Winter ~ Dermot O'Reilly (V)

A Daisy A Day ~ Jed Strunk

Ain't It A Beauty ~ Cliff Ferré (V)

Aunt Martha's Sheep ~ Ellis Coles

Banks Of Newfoundland ~ Traditional (V)

Blow Ye Winds ~ Traditional

Capelin On A Sunday ~ Brian Walsh (V)

Christmastime In Newfoundland ~ Andrews/Hiscock (V)

Courtin' In The Kitchen ~ Traditional (V)

Daddy Shot The Cat ~ Traditional (V)

Darby Ram ~ Traditional (V)

Down By The Harbourside ~ Peadar Kearney (V)

The Dundee Cat ~ Watt Nicoll/Matt McGinn (V)

The Flag Of Newfoundland ~ Archbishop M F Howley (V)

Great Harbour Deep ~ J P Cormier (V)

Heave Away Me Johnnies ~ Traditional (V)

Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway ~ Gerry Rafferty (V)

Home Boys Home ~ Darrell Power (V)

I Had A Hat ~ James Mooney (V)

I'm Going To Set You Free ~ John Spillane (V)

In A Town This Size ~ Kieran Kane (V)

The Islander ~ Bruce Moss (V)

I'se Da B'y ~ Traditional (V)

Jessie Monroe ~ Traditional

The Lark In The Morning ~ Traditional (V)

Lish Young Buy A Broom ~ Traditional (V)

Little Pot Stove ~ Harry Robertson (V)

The Long Haul ~ Chris Andrews/Gary O'Driscoll (V)

Looking Back ~ Allister MacGillivray (V)

Lord Of The Island - Bruce Moss (V)

Music And Friends - Bud Davidge (Vx2)

Newfoundland - Lem Snow (V)

Newfoundland Must Band ~ C Andrews/B Warfield (V)

Old Maid In The Garrett ~ English Traditional (V)

One Road ~ Frank O'Donovan (V)

Our Town ~ Iris DeMent (V)

Peggy Gordon ~ Traditional (V)

Raggle Taggle ~ Traditional (V)

Red Haired Mary ~ Sean McCarthy (V)

The Roaming ABCs ~ Chris Andrews (V)

Rockin' On The Water ~ Angus Stewart (V)

The Roving Newfoundlander ~ C Andrews/A Doyle (V)

The Rusty Old Barber ~ Traditional (V)

Saltfish Trader ~ Mark Hiscock (V)

Sammy's Bar ~ Cyril Tawney (V)

Santa's A Bayman Like Us ~ Wince Coles

Shoals Of Herring ~ Ewan MacColl (Vx2)

Skellara Hat ~ Traditional (V)

St. John's Girls ~ Traditional (V)

Thank God We're Surrounded By Water ~ Tom Cahill

Towersey Fair ~ John Conolly/Bill Meek

Twice Daily ~ Adge Cutler (V)

Virgie O ~ Traditional

Way Over Yonder ~ Woody Guthrie (V)

Whiskey In The Jar ~ Traditional (V)

Biographical Notes

Traditional Newfoundland songs have had a tight hold on Chris Andrews and Mark Hiscock since they were lads, so with Newfoundlanders crossing the globe at an alarming rate, they decided that if Newfoundlanders can't get home, they'll get to them. And get to them they have. In the past few years, Shanneyganock has toured Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and all the Maritime provinces. They are a favourite with festivals across Canada and continue to build a fan base of Newfoundlanders and non-Newfoundlanders alike. In St John's musical circles, Mark has been recognized as a master of the button accordion and a professional folk singer and folk musician since he was in elementary school. Chris started his first band while still wearing a uniform, too, and his burly voice and muscular guitar playing have anchored many a stage ever since. Joined by bassist Bob Pike and percussionist Mike Clarke, the band temporarily left George Street in St John's behind and went west where they developed a serious following among the ex-pats in the Alberta oil fields. When other acts abandoned rural Newfoundland, Shanneyganock dug in their heels, and audiences big and small are always charmed by their stirring ballads, powerful shanties and rib-rattling jigs and reels.

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