Sharecroppers Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

A Traditional Song (V)

All God's Creatures (V)

Crowd From Up The Hill (V)

The Engineer's Song (V)

Fine Girl Ye Are ~ Traditional (V)

The Fracking Song ~ Mike Madigan (V)

Freddie's Tune (V)

Good Old Days (V)

Grandmaman Sauvage ~ Mike Madigan (V)

Grenfell (Vx2)

Hangashore (Vx2)

Holding Ground (V)

Home, Boys! (V)

Iceberg Towering Over Me (V)

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor ~ Traditional (V)

The Kyle (Vx3)

The Legionnaires (V)

Life In The Outport (V)

Long Winter Nights (V)

Lost Dorymates ~ Ted R Hennigar (V)

Maggie Madigan - Titanic Survivor (V)

Mermaid ~ Traditional (V)

The Mill Whistle (V)

Morning Glory ~ Traditional (V)

My Cove (Vx3)

My Grandfather's Fiddle (Vx3)

Newfoundland Autumn (Vx2)

Our Heritage Tree

One Room School (Vx2)

Rosin The Bow ~ Traditional (Vx2)

The Simple Things (V)

This Island (Vx2)

This New Founde Lande (Vx2)

Twenty-Five Miners (V)

Viking Winds (V)

The Waters Of Bonne Bay (V)

Yesterday's Fisherman (V)

You Went For A Walk, Sir ~ Traditional (V)

Biographical Notes

The Sharecroppers are Guy Romaine, Ed Humber and Mike Madigan. The trio got together as teachers asked to sing a song at their school cabaret. Mike played the standup bass, Ed played guitar, and Guy played mandolin and guitar. So their first public performance song was Sharecropper's Dream by the Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band. It went over so well the group hasn't looked back since... doing shows for schools, parishes, Legion halls, coach tours, cruise ships and national/international conventions, etc. They were even invited to a festival in Seoul Korea where they sang all about the culture and traditions of the province. They later represented Newfoundland and Labrador at the International Festival of the Sea in Bristol, England. Their music is a work of art to them... vivid lyrics, meaningful local themes, and yet still lots of up-tempo life in a natural trio kind of sound.

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