Simani Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Any Mummers Allowed In? (V)

Bartender's Story (V)

The Bless Of Age (V)

Changing Toys (V)

Christmas Fancy (V)

The Cowboy And The General (V)

A Cramped Song (V)

Dartplayer's Blues (V)

Double Daylight Saving Time (Vx2)

The Greatest Story (V)

Heaven By Sea (V)

Hibernia Waltz (V)

If You Ain't Got Love (V)

In The Bushes With You (V)

Island Of Mine (V)

It Couldn't Happen Here (V)

Little Christmas Dream (V)

Look At Her Blow (V)

The Loss Of The Marion (Vx2)

Loss Of The Truxton And Pollux (V)

The Loveliest Day In June (V)

Merry Christmas, World (V)

The Mummers Song (V)

Music And Friends (V)

Newfoundland Treasures (V)

No Chimney He Can't Climb (V)

The Old Man's Accordion (V)

One Wish (V)

Ooh! Christmas Tree (V)

Out Of My Sight (V)

Outport People (Vx2)

Over And Over Again (V)

The Promise (V)

Riches (V)

The Rose In Her Hair ~ A Dubin/H Warren (V)

Saltwater Cowboys (V)

Santa Just Might Not (V)

She Goes Without Saying (V)

Some Shockin' Good ~ Lloyd Candow (V)

Some Things I Cherish (V)

Teacher Tom (V)

Tell Me, Mister (V)

Tribute To Lady Anderson (V)

Two For The Show (V)

You Know Full Well (V)

You're Not Older, Honey (V)

Biographical Notes

Sim Savory [1947-2010] founded the duo Simani [1977-1997] and recorded more than a dozen albums with performing partner Bud Davidge. Together they made up this very popular accordion-guitar music duo from Newfoundland's south coast. Sim recorded in Sim's Studio in Belleoram and, in spite of a lengthy illness, worked in the music industry up until the year of his death. Bud has a production studio in English Harbour West called SWC Productions.

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