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All I Want For Christmas ~ Buck Owens & Don Rich (V)

The Bernice (V)

Christmas In The Cove (V)

A Couple More Years ~ Waylon Jennings (V)

Daddy And The Wine ~ Little Jimmy Dickens (V)

Daddy Won't Be Home Again For Christmas
~ Merle Haggard (V)

Down East Boy (V)

Flat Top Gibson Guitar ~ Pat Maher (V)

A Good Year For The Roses (V)

I'd Rather Be Gone ~ Merle Haggard (V)

Leaving (V)

Love At Eleven Years Old (V)

The Mainlander Newfie

North Atlantic Lady ~ Pat Maher (V)

Seaside Cabin (V)

Snow White Dove ~ Pat Maher (V)

Stand Up And Be Proud ~ Pat Maher (V)

That Just About Does It ~ V Gosdin & M Barnes (V)

Veil Of White Lace ~ Damon Black (V)

Wooden Ships And Iron Men (V)

Biographical Notes

Lloyd Snow [b.1955] is a songwriter, musician and recording artist from Blaketown, NL. He is a country singer known as the King Of The Malls because a couple days every week he will go to places that sell music and he'll perform live. He does some songs, chats with the fans and sells his own CDs. His music is also sold in a number of stores in Canada as well as online. He's made a living with his music for a long time, playing two or three nights each week, and he also plays shows in clubs, civic centers and festivals.

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