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(V) =video

A Nation Once Again (V)

Barley Mow, The (V)

Barrett's Privateers ~ Stan Rogers

Butcher Boy (V)

Campbeltown Loch (V)


Come Away Bonnie Lad (V)

Connemara Cradle Song ~ Delia Murphy (V)

Digs In Birmingham (V)

Dirty Old Town ~ Ewan MacColl (V)

Farewell To Nova Scotia

Four Green Fields ~ Tommy Makem (V)

Four Strong Winds ~ Ian Tyson (V)

Home, Boys, Home

I Never Will Marry (V)

Irish Rover, The

It's Good To See You ~ Allan Taylor (V)

Lavender Cowboy ~ Paddy Roberts (Vx2)

Matty Groves (V)

McAlpine's Fusiliers ~ Dominic Behan (V)

Molly Bawn ~ John K Casey (V)

On The One Road ~ Francis O'Donovan (V)

Red Haired Mary ~ Sean McCarthy (V)

Red Rose Café ~ Pierre Kartner/Don Black (V)

Secret Of The Leprechaun (V)

Sonny's Dream ~ Ron Hynes (V)

Streets Of London, The ~ Ralph McTell (V))

Sullivan's John ~ Pecker Dunne (V)

Town I Love So Well, The ~ Phil Coulter (V)

Up The Kingdom (V)

Whisky On A Sunday ~ Glyn Hughes

Yarmouth Town

Biographical Notes

It is said the Sons of Erin have been Newfoundland's darlings since 1969. Ralph O'Brien is the only original member left in the band, which was formed in 1967, but it hasn't missed a beat since its inception. The band is the house band at Erin's Pub in St John's, has never been in hiatus, and has never seen a time when the band wasn't playing.

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