Mark Walker Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Down By Jim Long's Stage

Fanny's Harbour Bawn

Girls From Sweet Bay

Nellie Neil, Me Little Kettle

Star Of Logy Bay (V)

The Antis Of Plate Cove (V)

Tickle Cove Pond

Biographical Notes

Mark Walker [1846-1928] was born in Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay. About two years after marrying Mary Downey of Coachman's Cove, he moved to Sweet Bay, Bonavista Bay in 1875. There he worked as a fisherman and boat builder and was the first postmaster of Sweet Bay. Some of Mark Walker's relatives have asserted that he also wrote Star Of Logy Bay and that the song was originally called Love's Lamentations. It is believed Mark Walker wrote his songs before moving to Boston in 1906.


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