Michael T Wall Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

1929 Tidal Wave ~ Fay Herridge

Aunt Martha's Sheep ~ Ellis Coles

Big Ole Newfie Dog ~ Artie McLaren

Daddy's Girl ~ w/daughter Sarah

Down Home In Newfoundland ~ Lynn Russwurm

Maritime Fever ~ Gordon C Grills

Memories Of The Newfie Bullet ~ Fay Herridge

Newfoundland Memories ~ Fay Herridge

Ocean Ranger

Ode To The Newfie Bullet ~ w/V Saturley

Santa Claus Is A Newfie

Sarah Claus ~ Nicholas Amodio Sr & John Covert (V)

Seven Newfie Moose ~ Fay Herridge

Sons Of Old Newfoundland ~ Marie Marsh (V)

Sweet Nellie (And Her 18-Hour Bra) ~ Ellis Coles

The Cliffs Of Fortune Head ~ Fay Herridge

The Heritage ~ Cyril Rawson

The Man In The Moon Is A Newfie ~ Tom Connors

The Mighty Titanic ~ Fay Herridge

The Mighty Vikings ~ Fay Herridge

The Newfie Polka ~ Artie McLaren (V)

The Singing Newfoundlander ~ Ben Kerr

The SS Caribou ~ Fay Herridge

They All Call It Canada ~ Freddy Grant

Toast To Newfoundland

Tribute To Corner Brook ~ John T White

Wearing Of The Map ~ John V Ward

Biographical Notes

Michael T Wall, The Singing Newfoundlander, is part of the province's cultural heritage, a living legend. He is as well known for his promotion of Newfoundland as he is for his music. When he belts out a rocking tune like The Newfie Polka you can't help but feel like dancing. His beautiful rendition of Ode To Newfoundland can bring tears to one's eyes and make any Newfoundlander proud.


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