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Babylon Mall ~ Jamie Snider (V)

Back Home On The Island
~ Ron Hynes (V)

Captain John ~ Ron Hynes (V)

Christmas In The Harbour
~ Ron Hynes (V)

Cryer's Paradise ~ Ron Hynes (V)

Hard Hard Times
~ William James Emberly (V)

Home On The Island
~ Ron Hynes (V)

Little Sister ~ Jamie Snider (V)

Never Been There Before ~ Johnny Burke (V)

No, Kathleen
~ Ron and Connie Hynes (V)

Paddy When You Die
~ Jamie Snider (V)

Sonny's Dream ~ Ron Hynes (V)

St John's Waltz ~Ron Hynes (V)

U.I.C. ~ Jamie Snider (V)

Biographical Notes

Canadian music and comedy group Wonderful Grand Band formed in 1978 in St John's and had a short-lived eponymous television musical variety show on CBC Television, producing over 40 half-hour episodes between 1980 and 1983. The show starred Ron Hynes, Sandy Morris, Ian Perry (later replaced by Howie Warden, who died in 1999), Glenn Simmons (later replaced by Annan, who died in 2010), Kelly Russell (later replaced by Jamie Snider), and Rocky Wiseman (later replaced by Paul "Boomer" Stamp), as well as CODCO comedians Greg Malone and Tommy Sexton, who died in 1993. The show was on Monday evenings at 7:00 and combined original and traditional music with topical comedy sketches and satire, some of which was directed at the CBC itself. The band reunited in 2009 for a series of concerts throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in conjunction with the release of two DVDs containing 12 episodes of the TV show. A second, one-time reunion was held in August 2012 at a Ron Hynes concert held before Hynes entered treatment for throat cancer.
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