A Frank Willis Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

15 Feet Tall (V)

A Lady Like Mom (V)

Ballad Of Aunt Beatie, The ~ with Rosalind Willis (V)

Bright Silv'ry Light Of The Moon

Franky And The Twisters

Grandpa's Motorboat (V)

Great Big Moose (V)

Gypsy Blood ~ with Bob Porter

Hello Mom And Dad-We're Coming Home For Christmas (V)

I Lobster Never Flounder ~ Quinlan, Jeffery, Braddock

I'm My Own Grandpa ~ Moe Jaffe & Dwight Latham (Vx2)

I Used To Call Her Darling (But Now I Call Her Collect)

Jesus Take Hold Of My Hand ~ with Carson Willis

Last Days Of Okak, The ~ with Fred Petersen

Life Goes On ~ with Fred Petersen (V)

Little Town Of Nutak ~ with Selby Mesher (V)

Love Left Town ~ Jerry Forney (V)

Mummers Night In Oshawa ~ with Fred Petersen (V)

My Name Is (A Frank Willis) ~ Bob Porter (V)

Newfie Sheik, The ~ L Coad & T Doyle (V)

No Reason Or Rhyme (V)

Oh, Jenny ~ with Bob Porter

Ol' Deaf Jack

Picture Of A Lady (V)

Prisoner Of The Wind ~ with Harry Martin (V)

Rocky Road To Heaven

Savage Cop In Savage Cove (V)

Skipper Billy's Wake ~ Ellis Coles

Sweet Forget Me Not, The ~ Bobby Newcomb

Take Me As I Am ~ with Wayne Rostad (V)

Things Were The Same (V)

You And I Underneath The Moon

Whitefish Hole

Biographical Notes

A Frank, as he was affectionately called was from Dover, NL, and was known and billed as the One-Man Band From Newfoundland. He was a virtual legend on the Canadian east coast music scene and was well recognized as one of Canada's most uniquely talented and engaging performers. He launched his one-man show in 1975, and became an overnight sensation, simultaneously playing bass pedals with his left foot, chord organ with his right foot, and a harmonica clamped in a holder, all while his hands alternated between a guitar and mandolin strapped in front of him. He frequently pulled the accordion, banjo, and a kazoo into the performance just for good measure.

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Below is a Canadian Medley of just a few hits from A Frank's album Born To Party: Something To Sing About (This Land Of Ours) / There's No Price Tags On The Doors In Newfoundland / My Nova Scotia Home / Alberta Bound / This Land Is Your Land.

#819: YouTube video by SonOfLabrador
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