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The Accordion Man (V)
   ~ Stan McDonald

All I Want For Christmas Dear Is You ~ Buck Owens & Don Rich

Christmas In Port de Grave (V)

The Crow Song (V)

Dance With Me (V)

Dynamite Woman (V)
   ~ Doug Sahm

Five Roses Drawers (V)
   ~ Pat Casey

Hand That Rocks The Cradle(V)
   ~ Ted Harris

Harbour Days (V) ~ Ruby Petten

The Makeup Song (V)

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies
   Grow Up To Be Fishermen

Mom's Picture On The Wall (V)

Newfoundland Outports
   ~ Bobby James

The Newfoundland Soldier (V)

Old Fashioned Christmas (Vx2)

The Old Fisherman's Song (V)

Old Fishing Boat Back Home (V)

Only A Beautiful Picture (V)
   ~ C Ridgewell & W Godwin

The Package Song (V)

Pop's Little Man (V)

Port De Grave Home (V)

The Rainbow And The Roses (V)
   ~ Ted Harris

Row #2 Seat #3 (V)

Saltwater Joys (V)
   ~ Wayne Chaulk

Santa's A Bayman Like Us (V)
   ~ Wince Coles

Somewhere Between (V)
   ~ Merle Haggard

The Speed Of The Sound Of

Talking From My Heart (V)

Teardrop On A Rose (V)
   ~ Hank Williams, Sr

They'll Never Take Her Love From Me (V) ~ Leon Payne

This Is My Island (V)

Treasured Memories (V)

Wanted Man (V)

You're Goin' Out The Same Way
You Came In
(V) ~ Max D Barnes

Biographical Notes

Wayne Morgan was born in 1955 in Port de Grave and, after finishing high school, went to work in Toronto for one year before returning home. He fished for the next 30 years aboard his own 65-foot steel fishing vessel where he found he had a lot of time on his hands while steaming back and forth to the Grand Banks. He used that time to write songs that he recorded over the years. Wayne always had a love of music that was passed down to him by his family, and he currently has nine compact discs to his credit. Most of his songs have a country flavour and a touch of the province somehow involved in their lyrics. The province has a very special place in his heart, so Wayne plans on Newfoundland and Labrador being his home as long as God lends him breath.

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