Variants of The English And Scottish Popular Ballads
Edited by Francis James Child (Dover, 1965)
And archived at GEST Songs Of NFLD

(Titles in parentheses are alternate titles)

#001:   Riddles Wisely Expounded - Jennifer Gentle (V)

#002:   The Elfin Knight - The Cambric Shirt (A True Lover Of Mine)

#002G: The Elfin Knight - Scarborough Fair (V)

#004:   Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight - The Elf-Knight (V)

#004:   Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight - The King's Daughter

#010:   The Twa Sisters - The Two Sisters

#010:   The Twa Sisters - The Bonny Busk Of London

#014:   The Bonny Banks O' Fordie - The Bonny Banks Of Ardrie-O

#014:   Bonny Farday - Bonny Farday (Virgie O) (V)

#020:   The Cruel Mother - The Babes In The Greenwood (V)

#026:   Three Ravens - Three Ravens (V)

#027:   The Whummil Door - The Keyhole In The Door (V)

#037:   Thomas The Rhymer - True Thomas (V)

#046:   Captain Wedderburn's Courtship - Captain Wedderburn (Vx2)

#049:   The Twa Brothers - The Two Brothers

#053:   Young Belchan - Lord Bateman (V)

#054A: The Cherry Tree Carol - Cherry Tree Carol (V)

#073:   Lord Thomas And Fair Annet - Lord Thomas And Fair Ellinor (V)

#074:   Fair Margaret And Sweet William - Fair Marjorie's Ghost

#077:   Fair Margaret And Sweet William - Lady Margaret

#078:   The Unquiet Grave - The Unquiet Grave (Cold Falling Drops Of Dew) (V)

#081:   Little Musgrave And The Lady Barnard - Lord Donald (Matty Groves) (Vx2)

#084:   Bonny Barbara Allan - Barbara Allen (Barbry Ellen) (V)

#085:   Lady Alice - Young Collins Green

#092:   Bonny Bee Hom - The Lowlands Of Holland

#093:   Bold Lamkin - Bold Lamkin

#095:   The Maid Freed From The Gallows - Gallows Pole (V)

#100:   Willie O Winsbury - Young Barbour (Collected by Greenleaf/Mansfield)

#100:   Willie O Winsbury - John Barbour (Collected by Peacock)

#100:   Willie O Winsbury - John Barbour (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

#110:   The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter - Sir William

#112:   The Baffled Knight - The Foolish Shepherd

#173:   Four Marys - Four Marys (V)

#200:   Gypsy Laddie - Gypsy Laddie-O

#200:   Gypsy Laddie - Raggle-Taggle Gypsy (Vx2)

#200:   Gypsy Laddie - Roving Gypsy

#200:   Gypsy Laddie - The Whistling Gypsy (Vx2)

#209:   Geordie - Lovely Georgie

#213:   Sir James The Rose - Sir James The Rose

#221:   Katherine Jaffrey - Hembrick Town

#243:   The Daemon Lover - The Young Ship's Carpenter (The House Carpenter)

#248:   The Gray C'ck / Saw You My Father - The Ghost Lover

#250:   Henry Martyn - Henry Martin (Vx3)

#272:   The Suffolk Miracle - The Suffolk Miracle

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Five Drunk Nights

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Seven Drunken Nights (Joan Morrissey) (V)

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Seven Drunken Nights (Dubliners) (Vx2)

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Seven Drunken Nights (Traditional #1)

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Seven Drunken Nights (Traditional #2)

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - Shickered As He Could Be (English Traditional)

#274:   Four Nights Drunk - The Traveler (English Traditional)

#275:   Get Up And Bar The Door - Bar The Door O (V)

#278:   The Farmer's Curst Wife - The Devil And The Farmer's Wife (V)

#278:   The Farmer's Curst Wife - The Farmer's Cursed Wife (3 Variants)

#283:   The Crafty Farmer - The Little Yorkshire Boy (The Yorkshire Bite)

#283:   The Crafty Farmer - The Yorkshire Boy (Well Sold The Cow) (3 Variants)

#286:   The Sweet Trinity - The Golden Vanity (Vx2)

#287:   Captain Ward And The Rainbow - Captain Ward (V)

#289:   The Mermaid - Mermaid (Vx2)

#293:   John From Hazelgreen - Johnny From Hazelgreen

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Francis James Child [1825-1896] was an American scholar, educator, and collector of what is known as the Child Ballads. His final collection was published as The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (1882-1898), and included 305 ballads from England and Scotland, as well as their American variants.

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