Index of some of the songs in
Old-Time Songs And Poetry Of Newfoundland:
Songs Of The People From
The Days Of Our Forefathers

Editions 1-5
Collected by Gerald S Doyle [1892-1956]
And archived at:
GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador

(Titles in parentheses are alternate titles)

All Around Green Island Shore

Anti-Confederation Song (V)

The Antis Of Plate Cove (V)

The Badger Drive (Vx2)

The Banks Of Newfoundland (#9)

Betsey Mealey's Escape

Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen

The Blooming Bright Star Of Bell Isle

The Butterfly Dude

Change Islands Song

The Close Of The Session, 1871

Come All Ye Jolly Ice-Hunters

Concerning One Summer In Bonay I Spent (V)

The Dirty Newfoundlanders

Discovery Of Newfoundland

Down By Jim Long's Stage

Fanny's Harbour Bawn

A Father's Sacrifice

Feller From Fortune (Vx4)

The Fishermen Of Newfoundland
(The Good Ship Jubilee)

A Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach (Vx2)

The Greenland Disaster

Harbour Le Cou (V)

Harry, Joe And Jim

Hawco The Hero

Homes And Girls Of Newfoundland

Homeward Bound

Hunting Seals

The Huntingdon Shore (V)

I'se The B'y (V)

Jack Hinks

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor (Vx4)

The John Martin

The Kelligrews Soiree (Vx3)

The Landfall Of Cabot Parody

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary (Vx3)

The Loss Of The Ellen Munn

Loss Of The Schooner Susan On The Labrador

Lukey's Boat (Vx2)

The Maid Of Newfoundland

The Master-Watch

My Father's Old Sou'wester (Vx2)

The Newfoundland Fishermen

A Noble Fleet Of Sealers

The Nordfeld And The Raleigh

Ode To Newfoundland (V)

Old Polina (V)

The Outharbour Planter (Outport Planter)

The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff (V)

Prison Of Newfoundland (V)

The Raffle For The Goat In Joe Batt's Arm (V)

The Roving Newfoundlanders

The Ryans And The Pittmans
(We'll Rant And We'll Roar)

Sally Brown

Sealer's Song (V)

The Sealing Cruise Of The Lone Flier

The Shooting Of The Bawks

The Six Horse-Power Coaker (V)

Song Of The P&G White Naphtha Soap

The Southern Cross (Vx2)

The Spanish Captain

The Squid-Jiggin' Ground (Vx4)

Star Of Logy Bay (Vx4)

Tickle Cove Pond (Vx2)

Tilley's Farewell To Bonavista

Trinity Cake (Vx2)

Wadham's Song (V)

The Wedding In Renews

When Our Boys Gave Up Squiddin'

When The Caplin Come In (Vx2)

When The Outport Member's Family Comes To Town

Willy March

Wreck Of The Steamship Ethie

The Wreck Of The Steamship Florizel


From Junior Achievement NFLD
Business Hall of Fame

Gerald Stanley Doyle was born on September 26, 1892, in King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, to Captain Thomas and Margaret Doyle. At ten years of age, he moved to St John's with his family, finished grade eight at St Patrick's Hall School and apprenticed as a druggist at Wadden's Drug Store on Water Street.

In 1917, Gerald traveled to the seal hunt on the SS Njord where he was listed as the ship's doctor. He also traveled the coast of the province distributing patent medicines, and in 1919, he acquired his first agency, the Dr Chase Medicine Co. The Company initially operated from a 3rd floor walk-up room on Water Street, but Gerald also toured the Caribbean selling these products. In 1929, he incorporated his business activities under the name of Gerald S Doyle Limited.

The Company developed its own distribution organization throughout the province for a wide range of food, drugs and household products and also manufactured and bottled cod-liver oil. He used his own boat, Miss Newfoundland and later Miss Newfoundland II, to travel the coast and to promote his products. In the 1920s and 1930s, he introduced modern merchandising methods to Newfoundland including point of sale display materials and minimum credit terms. By the mid 1950s, Gerald S Doyle Limited was distributing products for over 30 manufacturers and was serving 3,000 retailers throughout the province. Gerald also sponsored the Gerald S Doyle News Bulletin, a radio show provided to the people of Newfoundland through VONF and CBC consisting of a news broadcast, public service announcements, shipping schedules, weather reports and personal messages.


From Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage
Traditional Music

One of the early and most popular publications was The Old Time Songs and Poetry of Newfoundland, compiled by Gerald S Doyle, and published in several editions from the 1920s through the 1960s. The Doyle songbook established the Newfoundland and Labrador musical canon, and various editions helped popularize songs like The Badger Drive, Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor, The Old Polina and others that would come to represent the essence of music from Newfoundland and Labrador.
~ ©2001, Jamie Fitzpatrick


The video below features a preview for the 2011 documentary, Regarding Our Father, by John W and Marjorie Doyle about legendary Newfoundlander Gerald S Doyle, featuring colour films he shot in pre-Confederation Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1930s and 40s.


Portrait of Gerald Doyle
|Gerald S Doyle|

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