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An Old-Fashioned Christmas (Jesse Ferguson) (V)

Banks Of The Roses, The (Traditional) (V)

Barrett's Privateers (Stan Rogers) (V)

Blackleg Miner (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Black Velvet Band (Irish Rovers) (V)

Bluenose (Stan Rogers) (V)

Bonny Ship The Diamond, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Come Out Ye Black And Tans (Paddy Reilly) (V)

Dark Island (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Fair And Tender Ladies (American Traditional) (V)

Final Trawl, The (Archie Fisher) (V)

Fogarty's Cove (Stan Rogers) (V)

Foggy Dew, The (Charles O'Neill) (V)

Four Marys [Child Ballad #173] (V)

General Taylor (Great Big Sea) (V)

Haul Away Joe (#2) (V)

If I Was A Blackbird (Andy M Stewart) (V)

Island Song, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Kelligrews Soiree, The (Johnny Burke) (V)

Kitty Bawn O'Brien (Allister MacGillivray) (V)

Lady Franklin's Lament (Roud #487) (V)

Leaving Of Liverpool (Siochána) (V)

Little Beggar Man (Little John Cameron) (V)

Loch Lomond (Lady John Scott) (V)

Log Drivers Waltz, The (Wade Hemsworth) (V)

Lukey's Boat (Virtue Kean) (V)

Maggie (Irish Variant of Nora) (V)

Make And Break Harbour (Stan Rogers) (V)

Mary Ellen Carter, The (Stan Rogers) (V)

Massacre Of Glencoe, The (Jim McLean) (V)

Merchant Sailor's Farewell (Jesse Ferguson) (V)

Mountains Of Mourne, The (Percy French) (V)

Night Paddy Murphy Died, The (Triskelle) (V)

Old Woman From Wexford, The (Traditional) (V)

Peggy Gordon (Collected by Creighton) (V)

Queen Of Argyll (Fine Crowd) (V)

Ramblin' Rover (The Fables) (V)

Rocky Road To Dublin, The (The Fables) (V)

Rose Of Allendale, The (Irish Descendants) (V)

She Moved Through The Fair (Padraic Colum) (V)

Song For The Mira (Allister MacGillivray) (V)

Spancil Hill (Robbie Martin) (V)

Tickle Cove Pond (Mark Walker) (V)

Wild Rover, The (The Dubliners) (V)

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Jesse Ferguson was born in Cornwall, ON, and grew up in a musical family. Every member of his family has played an instrument at some point, but his biggest musical influence was his father, who taught him the basics on guitar. Through playing music with his father and the rest of the family, Jesse learned that music can be a vital part of everyday life. In his late teens, Jesse began experimenting with songwriting. His musical horizons were broadened when he left home for university in Ottawa. Over the past several years, work and studies have taken him first to Fredericton, NB, then to Sydney, (Cape Breton) NS.

Throughout major life changes such as marriage and fatherhood, music has remained a constant source of fulfillment in Jesse's life. He has increased the number and size of the venues where he performs, including major Celtic festivals and Highland Games. At the same time, increasingly focusing on original songwriting in the folk and classic rock traditions. Since 2007, he has posted over 200 music videos on his YouTube channel that have been viewed over 3 million times. He has also released two solo albums: New Old Songs (2009) and The Parting Glass (2011). He also recorded and mastered both CDs, and performed all vocals and instrumentals.

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