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(Titles in parentheses are alternate titles)

After The Fire Of '46 ~ Anonymous

Around Green Island Shore ~ Traditional

Betsey Mealey's Escape ~ Johnny Quill

Bravery Of Pouch Cove Fishermen
(Water Witch) ~ Anonymous (Vx2)

Chorus Of Welcome ~ A J W McNeilly

A Copper Colored Native ~ Anonymous

The Dead Stranger ~ Maurice A Devine

Dear, Old South Side Hill ~ M F Howley

Died On The Ice Floe ~ P J Dyer

Elections Of 1848 - Job Defeated Brooking
~ Anonymous

Fanny's Harbor Bawn ~ Mark Walker

Farewell To Colonel Law ~ Anonymous

A Father's Sacrifice ~ P J Dyer

The Fisherman ~ C E Hunt

The Fisherman's Son To The Ice Is Gone
~ Johnny Burke?

The Flag Of Newfoundland ~ M F Howley (V)

The Flem(m)ings Of Torbay ~ Johnny Burke

Foundered At Sea
(Loss Of The Brig Jura) ~ Anonymous

The Girl I Left Behind Me ~ Traditional

Hawco The Hero ~ Maurice A Devine

Huntingdon Shore ~ Anonymous (V)

The Land Of Fish And Seals ~ Margaret Sharp Peace

Loss Of The Anglo Saxon ~ Unknown

Loss Of The Brig Jura
(Foundered At Sea) ~ Anonymous

Loss Of The Maggie And 13 Souls In St John's Harbor
~ Anonymous

Loss Of The Water Witch ~ Traditional

The Loss Of The Tolesby ~ Traditional

The Maid Of Newfoundland ~ Traditional

My Love In Newfoundland ~ Traditional

(Ode To Newfoundland) ~ C Boyle (V)

The Newfoundland Exile
(The Emigrant's Farewell) ~ J T Kinsella

A Newfoundland Hero ~ Traditional

The Nimrod's Song ~ Traditional

Off To The Ice Fields
(Old Time Sealers' Song) ~ George Webber

Old Time Sealers' Song
(Off To The Ice Fields) ~ George Webber

Our Ships Are In The Fat ~ James Murphy

The Outharbour Planter ~ Maurice A Devine

The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff ~ John Grace (V)

The Ryans And The Pittmans ~ H W Le Messurier

Sammy Ain't You Glad You Joined The Navy
~ Johnny Burke

Seal Hunting Song ~ Traditional

The Sealers Strike Of 1902 ~ Johnny Burke

The Sealing Trip Of The SS Greenland, 1891
~ Traditional

Ships That Sailed To-Day, The ~ James Murphy

Song Of The John Martin ~ Stephen Reardon

The Spring Maurice Crotty Fought The Old Dog Hood
~ Johnny Burke

St John's Bait Skiff ~ John Grace

Star Of Logy Bay ~ Traditional (Vx4)

Terra Nova's Boys In Blue ~ R G MacDonald, Esq

Wadham's Song ~ R N Wadham (V)

Water Witch
(Bravery Of Pouch Cove Fishermen) ~ Anonymous

We Will Not Go To White Bay With Casey Any More
~ Traditional

Where Speckled Beauties Lie ~ Maurice A Devine

A Winter's Drive To Topsail ~ Richard Raftus

A Worthy Son Of Scotia ~ Michael Power

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James Murphy [1868-1931], the sealers' poet, was a Carbonear native who moved to St John's and worked as a cabinet maker. He contributed numerous articles and poems to the local papers, many under the pen name Scaliger, and published several pamphlets and booklets on various aspects of Newfoundland history. Songs and Ballads of Newfoundland, Ancient and Modern (1902) was the first of his songsters edited between 1902 and 1925. The others were: Songs and Ballads of Terra Nova (1903) Songs of Our Land (1904); Murphy's Sealers' Song Book (1905); Coronation Song Book of Newfoundland (1911); Old Songs Of Newfoundland (1912); Songs of Newfoundland by Various Authors (1917); Songs Their Fathers Sung For Fishermen: Old Time Ditties (1923); and Songs Sung by Old-Time Sealers of Many Years Ago (1925).

GEST notes: In Vol. XIV, No. 9, Sept 1957, the Atlantic Guardian reported that James Murphy had a collection of Newfoundland poetry for publication that never did get into print. However, Memorial University of Newfoundland Libraries has a paper text copy held in the Centre For Newfoundland Studies of the Old Colony Song Book, Newfoundland, dated August, 1904, which has been digitized by the Centre. The book contains an assortment of Newfoundland songs, including two portraits and advertisements. Some of those songs are archived here along with Murphy's other published works.

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