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The term lumberjack is somewhat archaic, usually refering to a logger from an earlier time before the advent of chainsaws and other mechanized logging equipment. Lumberjacks were exclusively men who worked in lumber camps, often living a migratory life, following timber harvesting as jobs opened. Their work was seasonal and usually involved living in bunkhouses or tents for months at a time. Camps could be found where there were vast forests to be harvested and a demand for wood. Common tools included the axe and the crosscut saw.

Lumber camps developed a distinctive culture of work songs which were often sung on Sundays or evenings after supper and tool cleanup. Many were based on traditional tunes with lyrics that reflected lives, experiences and concerns of lumberjacks, with themes of cutting, hauling, rolling and driving, as well as narrative songs which involved romance. The songs migrated with the lumberjacks who sang them.


The Badger Drive (John Martin Devine) (Vx3)

The Banks Of The Gaspereau (Kenneth Peacock)

The Boys At Ninety-Five (Kenneth Peacock)

Boys Of The Island (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Cut The Timber Down (Dick Nolan) (V)

Double Sledder Lad (Payne & O'Byrne) (V)

The Forester Song (MacEdward Leach)

Gerry Ryan (Kenneth Peacock)

Harry Dunn / The Hanging Limb (MacEdward Leach)

Jack Timmins (MacEdward Leach)

The Jam On Gary's Rock (MacEdward Leach)

The Jam On Jerry's Rock (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

The Log Drivers Waltz (Wade Hemsworth) (Vx2)

The Log Jam Song / White Water (Wade Hemsworth) (V)

The Loggers' Plight (Kenneth Peacock)

The Lumber Camp Song (Greenleaf & Mansfield) (V)

The Lumberjack Song (MacEdward Leach)

The Lumberman's Alphabet (MacEdward Leach)

Peter Amberly (MacEdward Leach) (V)

Peter Emberley (Edith Fowke)

Raise The Dead Of Wintertime (Allan Rankin)

Reid's Express (Kenneth Peacock)

River Driver (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

River Driver (MacEdward Leach)

The River Driver's Lament (Kenneth Peacock)

Torbay Ramblers (MacEdward Leach)

Twin Lakes (Jim Payne & Kelly Russell) (V)

Twin Lakes (Kenneth Peacock)

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