MacEdward Leach's Songs
Of Atlantic Canada and
Folk Ballads and Songs
of the Lower Labrador Coast ***

Collected by MacEdward Leach



(Titles in parentheses are alternate titles)


Andrew Davidson

Ann O'Brien
(James MacDonald)

Apple Praties, The
(The Lads Who Live In Ireland)

As I Roved Out One Evening

As The Ship Sailed Away From Ireland

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Bad Companions

Badger Drive, The (Vx3)

Baltimore, The

Bank Fishermen #1

Bank Fishermen #2

Banks Of Newfoundland, The
(The Eastern Light)

Banks Of Panama ***#95

Banks Of Sweet Trawlee
(Banks Of Sweet Dundee)

Banks Of The Clyde, The ***#133

Banks Of The Silver Tide

Banks Of Tralee, The

Barbry Ellen
(Barbara Allen) (V)


Barney Flew Over The Hills To His Darling ***#25

Battleship Maine
(On The Shores Of Havana)

Be Home Early Tonight #1 (short variant)

Be Home Early Tonight #2 (long variant)

Beaches So Green

Beggar, The

Best Of Friends Must Part

Best Thing In Life, The

(Betsy) (The Old Oak Tree)

Betsy Bay
(Betsy Is A Beauty Fair)

Black Sheep,The

Blind Beggar, The

Blood-Stained Soil ***#86

Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle, The

Blooming Mary Ann

Blue-Eyed Boy, The
(The Last Fierce Charge) (V)

Blue Hen

Boatswain's Life For Me, A

Bold Larkin
(Harkin's Voyage)

Bonnie Hills Of Scotland

Bonny Bunch Of Roses, O, The

Bonny Carlo
(Bonny Carlow)

Bonny Irish Boy, The

Bonny Labouring Boy, The
(My Bonny Labouring Boy)

Boston Burglar, The ***#101 (Vx3)

Bound Down To Newfoundland

Bowery, The

Boy Who Wore The Blue, The
(The Soldier's Letter)

Boys In Blue, The
(The Express Office)

Boys Of Newfoundland, The

Branch Hero, The

Brennan On The Moor (BB-pp.745-7)

Broken Token, The

Bundle And Go

Bung Your Eye
(Quare Bungle Rye)

Burglar, The
(Old Maid And The Burglar)

Burnt Islands

Butcher Boy, The

Butter And Cheese (V)

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Canadee-I-O ***#90

Captain Howley

Captain John McGuire

Captain Larkins

Captain Power

Captain Spinney

Captain Wedderburn's Courtship ***#3


Caroline Of Edinburgh Town (V)

Carry Me Back To The Mountain

Charming Young Widow

Cherry Orchard, The
(Down In The Old Cherry Orchard)

Christmas Time In Ireland

Church Cove Song

City Of Baltimore
(Bold McCarthy)

City Of Boston

Claudie's Banks
(The Banks Of Claudy)

(The Six Horse-Power Coaker)

Coaker's Dream

Colour Of Amber, The

Come All Ye Jolly Sailor Boys

Come, Love, Here's A Letter
(Lovely Annie)

Convict, The

Convict And The Rose, The

Copper And Silver

Councillor, The
(The Lawyer Outwitted)

Country Girl, The

Coupon Song

Cow With The Piper
(Denny Byrne The Piper)

Crab Song
(The Sea Crab)

Cruel Katie-O
(Lovely Katie-O)

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Daniel Monroe
(Donald Munro)

Dark-Eyed Sailor, The
(Fair Phoebe)

Darn The Man That I Can Get

Dartmouth Tragedy
(The Footboy)

Days Of The Week ***#120
(A Week's Work)

Deserter, The
(When The Battle It Was Won)

Does Your Mother Know You're Out?

Dole Song, The

Don't Put Me Off At Buffalo Any More

Doran's Ass
(Paddy Doyle) (V)

Down By The Riverside

Down By The Tanyard Side

Down The Streets In London

Drunkard's Dream, The

Drunken Captain, The (V)

Duffy's Blunder
(John Martin Duffy)

Dying Cowboy
(The Dying Ranger)

Dying Ranger, The

Dying Soldier, The

Dying Soldier Boy, The
(Erin Far Away)

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Eagle, With Her Gallant Crew, The

Emigrant's Farewell, The


Erin's Lovely Home

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Faded Coat Of Blue
(The Nameless Grave)

Fair Jennie On The Moor
(Janie Of The Moor)

Faithful Sailor Boy

Farmer's Daughter, The
(Constant Lovers)

Farmyard, The
(The Merry Green Fields)

Fatal Wedding, The
(The Nobleman's Wedding)

Fellow That Looked Like Me, The

Fifteen Men Lost On George's Banks
(The Shea Gang)

Finnegan's Wake
(Molly McLaughlin)

First Day Of April, The
(Three English Rovers)

Fisherman At Glen Cove, The

Flatrock Hills

Flemings Of Torbay, The
(The Good Ship Jublilee)

Flirty Love

Flower Of Sweet Stravan
(Flower Of Sweet Strabane)

Flying Cloud, The (V)

Forbidden Wedding, The
(Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out)

Forester Song, The

Forty Fishermen

Forty Years Ago

(The Sailor's Dream)

Fuller And Warren
(Ye Sons Of Columbia)

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Galveston Rose, The

Galway Shawl, The

Galway Town
(Willie Riley)

Gasker Song, The

Gay Spanish Maid, A
(The Spanish Maid)

Gay Wedding, The
(The Nobleman's Wedding)

(The Banks Of The Clyde)

George Alfred Beckett

George's Banks

George's Banks
(The Roving Newfoundlanders)

Ghostly Crew
(The Ghostly Sailors)


Girl Of Killie Kranky, The

Girls From Newfoundland, The
(Girls Of Newfoundland)

Give Me Three Grains Of Corn

(The Pride Of Glencoe)

(Sir Neil And Glengyle)

Golden Hind, The

Golden Vanity, The

Good Looking Man

Grady's Harbour ***#114
(Greedy Harbour)

(Old Grandma)

Green Hills Of New Bay, The

Green Valley
(Yon Green Valley)

Green Woods Of Bonnie-O, The
(The Cruel Mother)

Greenland Disaster, The

Grey Mare, The
(Roger The Miller)

Grogal McCree ***#135;
(Grá Geal Mo Chroí)

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Handsome Harry
(Always Take A Girl Named Daisy)

Harbour Le Cou (V)

Hard Times
(Hard, Hard Times)

Harkin's Voyage
(Bold Larkin)

Harry Dunn
(The Woods Of Michigan)

Hat My Father Wore, The

Hawco The Hero

Heights Of Alma, The (V)

Henry Green ***#100

Her Sweetheart
(There Was A Lady In The East)

Highland Mary
(The Banks Of The Ayr)

Hills Of New Hampshire
(My Old New Hampshire Home)

Hitler In Bits

Hole In The Wall, The

Hush-A-Bye, Baby ***#115

Hush-O-Bye, Baby

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I Just Arrived From Dublin

I Love To Be A Sailor

I Once Loved A Beautiful Lady
(Why There's A Tear In My Eye)

I Went To My Love's Window
(Come With Me Over The Mountain)

I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers

I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
(Jock Stewart)

I'm A Poor Unfortunate Miserable Man

I'm Forsaken For Another

I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died

Indian's Lament

Irish Lullaby

Irish Sailor Boy, The

Irish Soldier Boy

Irish Stranger, The

It Was Early One Cold Winter's Morning

I've Been To Donovan's
(Donovan's Jubilee)

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Jack And Joe
(Give My Love To Nell)

Jack Johnston, The Cobbler

Jack Timmins

Jam On Jerry's Rock
(The Jam On Gary's Rock)

James The Ross
(Sir James The Rose)

Jane Hunter

Jealous Lover

Jemima's Goat

Jim Blake
(Jim Blake's Message)

Jimmy And Nancy
(Farewell, Charming Nancy)

Jimmy Bruisse's Pig

Jimmy Whalen

John Cutter
(John Carter)

John Mitchell

John O'Neil

John O'Reilly
(Willie Reilly) (O'Reilly The Fisherman)

Johnny Doyle

Johnny The Troller

Jolly Jack ***#65
(Tarry Sailor)

July Drive, The

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Kate O'Branch

Kate Of Branch

Katie, I'm Bound For The Sea

(Lovely Katie-O)

Keg Of Brandy
(Love Is Lovely)

Kelligrews Soiree, The (Vx3)

Kelly And The Ghost ***#122
(Maurice Kelly)

Kevin Barry (V)

Keyhole In The Door, The (V)

Killing The Deer And The Wild Buffalo

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Lady And The Sailor, The ***#35
(Disguised Sailor)

Lady Margaret
(Fair Margaret And Sweet William)

Lady Of The Lake
(Liza Gray)

Lady Who Threw Her Fan
(In St Giles There Dwelled A Lady)

Lake Erie
(James Bird)

Lake Of Coll Finn
(Willie Leonard)


Lass In Bethlehem Green, The
(The Dutchman's Wife)

Lass Of Swansea Town, The
(Swansee Town)

Last Great Charge, The
(The Battle Of Fredericksburg)

Lather And Shave
(Love-Of-God Shave)

Lie, The

Lindbergh's Baby

Little Apprentice, The
(The Captain's Apprentice)

Little Boneen

Little Mohee

Little Red Light, The
(Tiny Red Light)

Little Town In The Old County Down

Lonely Sarah
(The Sheffield Apprentice)

Lonely Waterloo ***#127 (V)

Lord Bateman
(Young Beichan) (V)

Loss Of The Atlantic

Loss Of The Eliza, The

Loss Of The Guernsey, The

Loss Of The Regulus, The ***#74

Lovely Jimmie ***#19
(Green Grow The Laurels)

Lovely Mary Ann ***#34
(Blooming Mary Ann)

Lovely Nancy

Lowlands Of Holland, The

Lumberjack Song, The

Lumberman's Alphabet, The

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Madam I Am A Soldier
(The Soldier's Letter)

Maggie Darling

Maid Of Glenshee
(The Lass Of Glenshee)

Maid Of Newfoundland, The

Maid Of The Mountain Brow


Maria And Caroline ***#11
(The Folkestone Murder)

Marian Parker ***#79


Mary Across The Wild Moor ***#62

Mary Ecklan
(The Squire's Young Daughter)

Matt Ireland
(Matt Hyland)

Matty Groves
(Lord Donald)

May God Guard And Prosper England

May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight?


McDonald Of Salmonier
(Mike McDonald)

Medicine Jack

Meeting Of The Waters

Merchants Song, The

Mermaid, The

Mike Bolin

Mike Dwyer
(Michael Dwyer)

Mike McDonald
(McDonald Of Salmonier)

Mines Of Avondale, The (V)

Molly Agnew

Molly And Johnny
(Jimmy And Nancy)

Molly Bawn

Moonshine Song, The
(The Moonshine Can)

Morrissey And The Black

Morrissey And The Russian Sailor (V)

Mother McLaughlin's Party

Mother's Last Goodbye

Mother's Love Is A Blessing, A

Mountains Of Mourne, The

Mr Wright And Mrs Wrong

Much Of A Hand
(The Sealers Ball)

Mush Mush

My Daddy's Ship
(The Ship That Never Came)

My Dear, I'm Bound For Canada

My First Love Was Sarah
(Sarah's Young Man)

My Little Home Across The Sea

My Mantle Of Green

My Mother Was A Lady

My Old Dudeen

My Sweetheart

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Nancy, Lovely Nancy
(Farewell, Charming Nancy)

(The Unkind Shepherdess)

Nightingale Laurels
(Green Grows The Laurel)

Nightingales, The
(The Soldier And The Lady)

Nobody's Child

North Shoremen's Line, The
(The Bonavist' Line)

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O'Donnell's Execution ***#42
(Pat O'Donnell)

Oddfellows Hall

Off For Philadelphia

Old Blackbird, The
(I Am A Young Maiden)

Old Colonel, The

Old Fashioned Couple, An
(Old Married Couple)

Old Grey Mare
(Roger The Miller)

Old Married Couple
(An Old Fashioned Couple)

Old Newfoundland
(Youthful Memories)

Old Oak Tree, The ***#12

Old Southwester ***#118

On The Banks Of The Bann

On The Bonny Hills Of Scotland

Over The Mountain
(I Went To My Love's Window)

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Paddy Backwards ***#110

Paddy Doyle
(Doran's Ass)

Paddy McGinty's Goat

(Three English Blades)

Pat McGuire
(Mr McGuire Sit Down)

Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Donnell ***#42

Pat O'Reilly
(Patrick Riley)

Patrick Power
(Wexford Girl)

Patrick Power/Parker
(Pat O'Brien)

Patrick's Day
(St Patrick's Day)

Patrick's Day

Peter Amberly
(Peter Emberley)

Peter Hennessey
(Peter Amberly)

Peter Street
(The Shirt And The Apron)

Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, The

Pirate Song
(William Craig And Bold Manone)

Plain Golden Band, The

Polly Moore

Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow, The

Pretty Polly
(Polly Oliver)

Pretty Polly
(The Ship's Carpenter)

Pretty Quadroon

Prisoner Of Newfoundland, The

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Ragged Coat

Ram, The
(The Derby Ram)

(The Loss Of The Regalis)


Repentant Sinner, The

Rio Grande (V)

River Driver
(The River Driver's Lament)

Riverhead Launching, The
(Riverhead Launching On Jubillee Day)

Riverhead Line ***#92
(The Bonavist' Line)

Roaming In The Gloaming

Roarin' Fire
(Clean Hearthstane)

Rollin' River

Rolling Home
(Rolling Home To Dear Newfoundland)

Roving Gypsy
(Gypsy Laddie-O)

Ryans And The Pittmans, The
(We'll Rant And We'll Roar)

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SS Vesteris
(SS Vestris)

Sailor Boy, The ***#9

Sailor Courted A Farmer's Daughter, A (V)
(The Constant Lovers)

Sailor's Alphabet

Sally Monroe
(Young Sally Monro)

Schooner Mary Ann
(Bound Down To Newfoundland)

Scolding Wife, The

Seafaring Song
(The Rocks Of Scilly)

Sealer's Song
(Captain's And Ships)

Seamus O'Brien
(Shamus O'Brien)

Shabby Genteel, The

Shadows Of The Pines

Shady Brookside

(Torbay Song)

Shamrock, The

Ships And Captains
(Sealer's Song)

Shoal Harbour Line

Silver Dagger
(Who Is At My Window Weeping?)

Six Feet Of Earth

Slaney Side, The
(The Tan-Yard Side)

Soldier's Farewell, The

Soldier's Last Farewell, The
(The Soldier's Last Letter)

South Carolina State

Spanish Captain, The

Spirit Song On George's, The
(Ghostly Crew)

Spirit Song On George's Banks, The
(Ghostly Crew)

Squid Jiggin' Ground (Vx4)

Squire Of Bristol, The
(The Squire Of Tamworth)

St Patrick's Day

Stand Up And Sing

Star Of Logy Bay (Vx4)

Stowaway, The
(The Little Hero)

Straight Foreign Shore
(The Female Warrior)

Stump, The ***#107
(The Rattlin' Bog)

Sunny Tennessee
(The Girl I Loved In Sunny Tennessee)

Susan Strayed The Briny Beach ***#21

Swansee Town
(Lass Of Swansea Town, The)

Sweet Forget-Me-Not, The
(Song With Waltz Chorus)

Sweet Gertie
(The Maid Of Sweet Gartheen)

Sweeter Than Flowers
(Sweeter Than The Flowers)

(Two Sweethearts)

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Take Warning
(Young People, Take Warning)

Tender Mother's Grave

There She Goes

There's A Dear Spot
(Lovely Derry On The Banks Of The Foyle)

There's Whiskey In The Jar ***#117

Thomas And Nancy

Thomas Cat

Thomas Rhymer
(True Thomas) (V)

Three Babes, The ***#50
(Babes In The Wood)

The Three Ravens ***#1
(Three Ravens) (V)

Tidal Wave
(Tidal Wave At Burin)


To My Home In The Forest Let Me Go

Torbay Ramblers

Torbay Song
(The Loss Of The Shamrock)

Towering Heights Of Newfoundland

Tree On A Hill
(Tree In The Wood)

Trip To The North Pole

Trout And Salmon

Turtle Dove

Twelve Ghostly Fishermen

Twins, The
(Brother John)

Two Boys From Brewley, The

Two Little Girls In Blue (V)

Two Vessels Lost At Cape St Mary's
(Tobias Murphy And Tom Hann)

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Up To The Rigs
(Countryman's Ramble In Cheapside)

Upside Down Story
(Tree In The Wood)

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Valley Of Kilbride, The (V)

Van Dieman's Land

Village Maid
(The Humble Village Maid Going A-Milking)

Virgin Mary's Bank
(The Virgin On The Strand)

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War Alphabet ***#67
(Air Force Alphabet)

Water Cresses ***#66

Water Witch, The (Vx2)

Waterford Boys, The
(Wrestling With Rats) (V)

Waterloo (V)

Watson Song, The

Wedding At Bally Poreen, The
(The Wedding At Ballyporeen)

We'll Go To Sea No More
(Jolly Sailors Bold)

Western Rangers, The

Wexford Girl
(Patrick Power)

Wexford Girl
(Oxford City)

Wexford Girl (Laws P35)

When A Sailor Comes On Shore
(Jack Tar)

When Paddy Stole The Rope

When We Were Sweet Sixteen
(Now I'm Sixty Four)

When You Asked The Girl To Leave Her Happy Home

White Man, Let Me Go

Wild Colonial Boy, The

Wild Rover

Wild Shore, The

Will You Be True, My Darling

Willie Riley

Willy Taylor ***#131
(William Taylor)

Wind Across The Wild Moor

Woman's Tongue, A

Wreck Of The C & O Number Five, The

Wreck Of The Jane Hunter

Wreck Of The Maggie, The ***#80
(The Maggie)

Wreck Of The Riseover, The
(The Loss Of The Riseover)

Wreck Of The Southern Cross

Wreck Of The St John, The

Wreck Of The Tolesby, The

Wreck Of The Tolsby, The

Wreck Of The Toravan

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Yorkshire Bite, The ***#60

The Yorkshire Boy
(Well Sold The Cow)

You Don't Know How The Dear Girl Is Made

You Pass Me By

You'll Never Know What Time Will Bring

Young Carolina
(Caroline And Her Young Sailor Bold)

Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low

Young Flora
(My Flora And Me)

Young Flora
(The Stormy Winds Of Winter)

Young Yetman

Your Home

Youthful Memories
(Old Newfoundland)

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"MacEdward Leach of the University of Pennsylvania spent the summers of 1950 and 1951 in Newfoundland. Today his 41 hours of tape recordings from those summers are the oldest extant sound recordings of folksongs performed by Newfoundland outport singers and they reflect the enduring interest of American folklore scholars in Newfoundland. But from Leach's collection only a few texts found their way into print while a small number appeared on a 1966 Folkways album. Leach's activity had little public impact in Newfoundland or the rest of Canada." ~ Carole Henderson [Carpenter] and Neil V Rosenberg, The MacEdward Leach Collection of Canadian Folklore, Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter 5 (1970): 1-10. This collection is on deposit at MUNFLA under accession number 78 - 54. The album containing Leach's recordings is Folkways FE 4075, Songs from the Outports of Newfoundland (New York, 1966). [Footnote 25 from Canadianization of Newfoundland Folksong; Or the Newfoundlandization of Canadian Folksong, published in The Journal of Canadian Studies, Spring 1994 by Neil V Rosenberg.]

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