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Sea shanties (chanties) are work songs of sailors, usually with alternating solo verses and a chorus matching certain rhythmical movements as sung by sailors working together.

All songs are traditional unless otherwise noted.

Coil up your ropes and anchor here,
Till better weather doth appear


All For Me Grog (Vx3)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The #6 (Canadian)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The #7 (English) (V)

Big Bow Wow ~ Payne and O'Byrne (V)

Big Bow Wow ~ The Punters (Vx2)

Blow The Man Down (V)

Blow The Wind Westerly ~ Tethera (V)

Blow Ye Winds (V)

Bound For St Peters (V)

Burnt Islands

Chanty ~ Victor Tilly (V)

Donkey Riding ~ Great Big Sea (V)

Drunken Sailor ~ Ryan's Fancy (V)

Drunken Sailor ~ Great Big Sea (V)

Fine Girl Ye Are (Holy Ground, The) (Vx2)

Fire In The Foretop

Fish Of The Sea, The (V)

General Taylor ~ GBS (Vx2)

General Taylor ~ Folly Bridge (V)

Good-Bye My Lovely Annie

Haul Away Joe #1 (V)

Haul Away Joe #2 (V)

Haul Her Along ~ Glenn Vincent Breen (V)

Heave Away, My Johnny (V)

Homeward Bound

Johnny Poker ~ Traditional

Last Shanty, The ~ Celtic Connection (Vx2)

Leave Her Johnny ~ Stan Hugill (V)

Leave Her Johnny ~ Ryan's Fancy (V)

Leaving Of Liverpool ~ Siochána (Vx3)

Maid On The Shore ~ Stephanie Brazil (V)

Maid On The Shore, The ~ Stan Rogers (V)

Maid On The Shore, The ~ Barry Taylor

Maid On The Shore O, The ~ Kenneth Peacock (V)

Morning Glory ~ The Sharecroppers (Vx2)

Mother Carey ~ Cicely Fox-Smith

Mother Carey (As Told Me By The Bo'sun) (V)

Net Hauling Song ~ Payne & O'Byrne (Vx2)

Rant And Roar ~ Henry W Le Messurier (V)

Rio Grande, The (V)

Rolling Down To Old Maui (Vx2)

Rolling Home (To Dear Newfoundland)

Running Down To Cuba (V)

Ryans And The Pittmans ~ Ryan's Fancy (V)

Ryans And The Pittmans ~ The Fables (V)

Sailor Ain't A Sailor, A ~ Tom Lewis (V)

Sailor's Alphabet

Sally Brown

Sally Brown ~ Irish Descendants (V)

South Australia ~ Clancy/Makem (V)

South Australia ~ Ryan's Fancy (V)

Spanish Ladies (V)

There She Goes

Two Fishermen Missing ~ Jim Payne (V)

We'll Rant And We'll Roar ~ H W Le Messurier (V)

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