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Shipwreck refers to the remains of a wrecked ship, or to the natural event that caused the wreck such as the striking of something that causes the sinking, stranding of the ship on rocks, land or a shoal, or destruction by violent weather.

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Shipwreck Of Alma Cooke

Two Fishermen Missing (V)
    (Andrea Denise)

Loss Of The Anglo Saxon

Jim McCarthy (Annie)

Wreck Of The Annie Roberts, The

Song Of The Annie Young

Wreck Of The Athens Queen, The

Bar Haven Song, The (V)

Loss Of The Barbara & Ronnie, The

Loss Of The Bay Rupert, The

Blue Mist (V)

Blue Wave, The

Loss Of The Bruce, The

Caribou, The (MacEdward Leach)

Fate Of The Caribou (V)
    (Barry Davis)

SS Caribou, The
    (F Herridge/M T Wall)

SS Caribou, The (Traditional)

Wreck Of The Christabel, The

Loss Of The City Of Quebec, The

Loss Of The Danny Goodwin, The

Steamship Deane, The

Loss Of The Donald L Silver

Brave Newfoundlander, A
    (SS Ealing)

Loss Of The Eliza, The

Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph, The

Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph, The

Loss Of The Ellen Munn, The

Loss Of The Ellen Munn, The #2

Elsie M Hart, The

Wreck Of The Steamship Ethie

Excel, The

Sinking Of The FLB 101, The (V)

Wreck Of The Steamship Florizel, The

General Rawlinson, The

Glen Alone, The

Loss Of The Guernsey, The

Story Of The I'm Alone, The (V)

Wreck Of The Jane Hunter

Loss Of The Jewel, The

Loss Of The John Harvey, The
    (Kenneth Peacock)

Wreck Of The John Harvey The
    (Vx2) (Dorymen)

Loss Of The Jubal Cain, The

Loss Of The Ship Jane Maria, The (V)

Foundered At Sea (Jura)

Kyle, The (Vx3)

Wreck Of The Lavengro, The

Wreck Off Point Amour, The (Lily) (V)

Hoban Boys, The (Lily & Jim; Minnie)

Liza Gray (Lady Of The Lake)

Wreck Of The Maggie, The

Loss Of The Marion, The (Vx2)

Loss Of The Marion Rogers (V)

Schooner Marion Rogers, The


Marshall Frank Story, The (V)

Mary Ellen Carter, The (Vx3)

McClure, The

Charming Sally Greer (Monarch of Aberdeen) (V)

Sally Greer (Monarch of Aberdeen)

Fifteen Men Lost On George's Bank (Morning's Gloom)

Wreck Of The Morrissey, The

Myers III

Norfeld and the Raleigh, The

Loss Of The Patrick Morris (V)

Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, The

Ghosts Of Gull Island (Queen Of Swansea)

Loss Of The Rammelly (Ramillies)

Ravenal, The

Loss Of The Regalis, The (Regulis)

Loss Of The Riseover, The

Rose, The (V)

Wreck Of The Riverdale (V)

Loss Of The Sailor's Home, The

Newfoundland Hero, A (Sea Clipper)

Wreck Of The Semmity, The


Loss Of The Shamrock, The

Torbay Song (Shamrock)

Sheila Patricia Story, The (V)

Loss Of The Snorre, The

Southern Cross (Lehr/Best)

Southern Cross, The (Greenleaf/Yarrow)

What Happened To The Southern Cross? (G Callahan)

Loss Of The Schooner Susan On The Labrador (Doyle)

Susan, The (Lehr/Best)

Loss Of The Titanic, The

Mighty Titanic, The (Michael T Wall)

Titanic (MacEdward Leach)

Titanic, The (Husbands and Wives)

Wreck Of The Tolsby

Wreck Of The Toravan

Ballad Of The Truxton & Pollux (Trad)

Loss Of The Truxton & Pollux (Simani)

Truxton Song, The (Gregory Edwards)

Union From St John's, The

SS Vestris

Water Witch, The (Vx2)

William Carson, The (V)

From The Loss Of The Marion Rogers Published in The Fisherman's Advocate, March 2, 1962

How sad to hear the children cry,
How sad to hear the deathbell ring,
And notice in the funeral march
Their stricken kin walk sorrowing.
How sad to think of broken homes,
For who among us can forbear
The anguish of a bleeding heart,
The touching sight of vacant chair.

O God who reigns in heaven above,
Great Ruler of the sea and land,
Bow down Thine ear to my request,
O help me this to understand.
Why call from earth such men as those
Who put their constant trust in Thee,
Why fill some loving hearts with pain,
And yet the worthier go free?

Written by James Ivany
101 Vaughan Road
Toronto, ON

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The voice of the sea
speaks to the soul.
The touch of the sea is sensuous,
enfolding the body in its
soft, close embrace.
Kate O'Flaherty Chopin


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