Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports at GEST

Collected by Kenneth Peacock [1922-2000]

Published by the National Museum of Canada

Crown Copyrights Reserved (1965)

(V) = Video


(Titles in parentheses are alternate titles)

All Hands Away Tomorrow Vol.2

Alone On The Shamrock Shore Vol.2

Alonzo The Brave And Fair Imogene Vol.2

Alouette (Little Lark) Vol.1 (Vx2)

Alphabet Song Vol.1

Anchors Aweigh, Love (Tarry Trousers) Vol.2

Annie Franklin (The Bad Girl's Lament) Vol.2

As I Walkèd Forth In The Pride Of The Season Vol.2

As Susan Strayed The Briny Beach Vol.3

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Babes In The Greenwood, The (The Cruel Mother) Vol.3 (V)

Bachelor's Hall Vol.1

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (The Eastern Light) Vol.1 (V)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (Canadian) Vol.1 (V)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (English) Vol.3

Banks Of Penmanah, The Vol.2

Banks Of The Ayr (Burns And His Highland Mary) Vol.2 (V)

Banks Of The Gaspereau, The Vol.3

Banks Of The Roses, The Vol.2 (V)

Bar The Door O (Joan And John Blunt) Vol.1 (V)

Barbara Allen (Barbry Ellen) Vol.3 (V)

Beach Of Strablane, The (The Braes Of Strathblane) Vol.2

Beloved Land, The Vol.2

Betsy, Betsy From London Fair (Betsy Bay) Vol.3

Bill Wiseman (Kitchy-Coo) Vol.1 (V)

Bird Rocks, The Vol.3

Black Devil, The (The Black Cook) Vol.3

Blackwater Side, The Vol.2

Bloody Garden, The (The Bloody Gardener's Cruelty) Vol.3

Blooming Mary Ann (Lovely Mary Ann) Vol.2

Blow The Wind Westerly Vol.3

Blueberry Ball, The Vol.1

Blue Jacket And White Trousers (The Maid In Sorrow) Vol.2

Bold Escallion And Phoebe (Colin And Phoebe) Vol.2

Bold Lamkin Vol.3

Bold McCarthy (The City Of Baltimore) Vol.3

Bold Princess Royal, The Vol.3 (V)

Bold Trooper, The (The Trooper And The Tailor) Vol.1 (V)

Bold Wolfe (Brave Wolfe) Vol.3 (V)

Bonavist' Line, The (The Riverhead Line) Vol.3 (V)

Bonny Banks Of Ardrie-O, The (Vergio) Vol.3

Bonny Bunch Of Roses, O, The Vol.3

Bonny Busk Of London, The (Two Sisters), (Twa Sisters) Vol.1

Bouncing Girl In Fogo, The Vol.2

Bound Down For Newfoundland (The Schooner Mary Ann) Vol.3

Boys At Ninety-Five, The Vol.3

Brave Volunteers, The Vol.2

Bright Phoebe Vol.2

British Man-O'-War Vol.1

Brown Flour Vol.1 (V)

Brown Girl, The Vol.2

Bull Yorkens Vol.3

Bully Brown Vol.3

Bury Me Not In The Deep Deep Sea (Ocean Burial) Vol.1

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (The Dying Cowboy) Vol.1 (V)

Butcher Boy, The Vol.3

Butter And Cheese (The Greasy Cook) Vol.1 (V)

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Cabbage And Goose (The Ship Carpenter's Wife) Vol.1

Cambric Shirt, The (The Elfin Knight) Vol.1

Cambric Shirt, The (A True Lover Of Mine) Vol.1

Captain Kidd Vol.3

Captain Strachan Vol.3

Captain Ward Vol.3 (V)

Captains And Ships (Ships And Captains) Vol.3

Captain's Lady, The Vol.3

Caroline And Her Young Sailor Bold Vol.2

Cashmere Shawl, The Vol.3

Charles Augustus Anderson (The Saladin Mutiny) Vol.3

Charming Sally Greer Vol.2 (V)

Christmas Rum Vol.3

Cod-Liver Oil Vol.1 (V)

Crazy Jane Vol.2

Crew From Boston Bay, The Vol.1

Crockery Ware Vol.1

Crowd Of Bold Sharemen, A Vol.1 (V)

Cuckoo's Nest, The (Chin Music) Vol.1

Culling Fish Vol.1

Cumberland And The Merrimac, The Vol.3 (V)

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Dark-Eyed Sailor, The (Fair Phoebe) Vol.2 (V)

Derby Ram, The Vol.1

Deserter, The (When the Battle It Was Won) Vol.3

Diana And Her Sailor Bright Vol.2

Dixie's Isle Vol.3 (V)

Donald Munro (Daniel Monroe) Vol.3 (V)

Doran's Ass Vol.1 (V)

Downey's Our Member Vol.3

Drill Ye Heroes, Drill Vol.3 (V)

Drunken Captain, The (In Canso Strait) Vol.3 (V)

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Early Spring (The Young Bride's Lament) Vol.2 (V)

Eggs And Marrow-Bones (The Old Woman From Wexford) Vol.1

Elderman's Lady, The Vol.3

Eleven To Heaven Vol.3

Emigrant From Newfoundland, The Vol.2

Erin's Green Shore Vol.2 (Vx2)

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Fair Eleanor Vol.2

Fair Fanny Moore Vol.2 (V)

Fair Marjorie's Ghost (Fair Margaret And Sweet William) Vol.2

False Maiden, The Vol.2

Fanny's Harbour Bawn Vol.1

Fare You Well, Maggie Darling, Across The Blue Sea Vol.2

Farmer's Curst Wife, The (The Devil And The Farmer's Wife-Child 278) Vol.1

Feller From Fortune (Lots Of Fish In Bonavist Harbour Vol.1 (V)

Female Smuggler, The Vol.2 (V)

Ferryland Sealer Vol.1 (GBS) (V)

Ferryland Sealer Vol.1 (Rankin Street) (V)

Fhir A' Bhàta Vol.3

Finnigan Lasses, The Vol.1

Fish And Brewis Vol.1

Fisher Who Died In His Bed, The Vol.1

Fisherman's Alphabet, The Vol.1

Flemings Of Torbay, The Vol.3

Flora (The Stormy Winds Of Winter) Vol.2

Flora And Jim (James And Flora) Vol.1

Flying Cloud, The Vol.3 (V)

Foggy Dew (English) Vol.2

Foggy Dew (Irish) Vol.2

Foolish Shepherd, The (The Baffled Knight Vol.1

For The Fish We Must Prepare Vol.1

Forsaken Mother And Child, The Vol.2

Fox And The Goose, The Vol.1 (V)

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Gay Maid Of Australia, The Vol.1

General Munro Vol.3 (V)

George Bunker Vol.1

George's Banks (The Shea Gang) Vol.3

Gerry Ryan Vol.3

Ghostly Sailors, The (Ghostly Crew) Vol.3

Girl I Left Behind, The Vol.2

Girls Of Newfoundland, The Vol.3

Go And Leave Me If You Wish, Love Vol.2

Gold Watch And Chain (The Female Highwayman) Vol.2

Golden Glove, The (The Squire Of Bristol) Vol.2

Golden Hind, The Vol.3

Good-bye My Lovely Annie Vol.3

Grandfather Bryan Vol.1

Gray Mare, The (Roger The Miller) Vol.1

Green Grow The Laurels Vol.2

Green Grows The Laurel Vol.2

Green Linnet, The Vol.2 (V)

Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea, The Vol.2 (V)

Green Shores Of Fogo, The Vol.2 (V)

Greenland Disaster, The Vol.3

Grief Is A Knot Vol.3

Gypsy Laddie-O (Child 200) Vol.1

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Handsome Cabin Boy, The Vol.1 (Vx2)

Harbour Le Cou Vol.1 (V)

Hard Times Vol.1

Harmless Young Jim Vol.1

Heights Of Alma, The Vol.3 (V)

Hembrick Town (Katherine Jaffray) Vol.1

Henry And Nancy Vol.3

Here's Adieu To Old England Vol.3

Herring Gibbers, The Vol.1

He's Young But He's Daily Growing Vol.3 (V)
(Trees They Do Grow High, The)

High Germany Vol.3 (V)

High Times In Our Ship (Martin Hurley) Vol.1

Hurling Down The Pine (The Lumber Camp Song) Vol.3 (V)

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I Got A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue (Chin Music) Vol.1

I Long To Be Wedding (The Old Maid's Song) Vol.2

I'll Be Seventeen Come Sunday Vol.1

I'm Sitting On The Stile, Mary (The Irish Emigrant) Vol.2

In Courtship There Lies Pleasure Vol.2

In Duckworth Street There Lived A Dame Vol.1

Indian Lament, The Vol.1

Indian's Lament, The Vol.1

Irish Colleen, The Vol.2

I's The B'y That Builds The Boat Vol.1 (Vx2)

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Jack The Jolly Tar (Jolly Jack) Vol.1 (V)

Jam At Garby's Rock, The Vol.3 (V)

Jessie Munro Vol.1 (V)

Jimmy And Nancy (The Departure) Vol.2

Jimmy And Nancy (A Seaman And His Love) Vol.2

Jimmy And Nancy (Nancy Of Yarmouth) Vol.3

Jimmy And Nancy On The Sea (William And Nancy) Vol.1

Jimmy Whelan Vol.2 (V)

Joey Long's Goat (Bill Grogan's Goat) Vol.1

John Barbour (Willie O Winsbury) Vol.2

John Burke Vol.2

Johnny Coughlin (Johnny Gallagher) Vol.2

Johnny Doyle Vol.3

Johnny Dunlay Vol.2

Johnny From Hazelgreen Vol.2

Jolly Butchermen, The (The Three Butchers) Vol.3 (V)

Jubilee Guild, The Vol.1

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Kate's Big Shirt Vol.1

Kelly The Pirate Vol.3

King's Daughter, The (Lady Isabel And The Elf-Knight - Child 4) Vol.1

Knight And The Labourman's Daughter, The Vol.2

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Labrador Vol.1

Lad And A Lass, A Vol.2

Lady Leroy, The Vol.1

Lady Margaret (Sweet William's Ghost) Vol.2 (V)

Lady's Waiting-Man, The Vol.2

Lass Of Swansea Town, The Vol.2 (V)

Last Great Charge, The (The Battle Of Fredericksburg) Vol.3

Leather Britches (The Old Leather Breeches) Vol.1

Leg Of Mutton Went Over To France, A Vol.1 (V)

Letters Of Love, The Vol.2

Lily Of The West, The Vol.2 (V)

Liza Gray (The Lady Of The Lake) Vol.3

Loggers' Plight, The (Landon Ladd) Vol.3

Lonely Waterloo Vol.3

Lord Bateman (Young Beichan-Child 53) Vol.1 (V)

Lord Donald (Little Musgrave And The Lady Barnard) Vol.2 (Vx2)

Lord Thomas And Fair Ellinor Vol.2 (V)

Loss Of The Atlantic, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Barbara Ann Ronney, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Bruce, The Vol.3

Loss Of The City Of Quebec, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Danny Goodwin, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Eliza, The (The Herons) Vol.3

Loss Of The Jewel, The Vol.3

Loss Of The John Harvey, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Jubal Cain, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Rammelly, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Regalis, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Riseover, The (Vol. 3)

Loss Of The Sailor's Home Vol.3

Loss Of The Shamrock, The Vol.3

Loss Of The Titanic, The Vol.3

Love Is Lovely Vol.2

Lovely Irish Maid, The Vol.2

Lovely Lowland Maid, The Vol.2

Lovely Nancy Vol.2

Lovely Newfoundlander, The Vol.2

Lover's Trial, The Vol.2

Lullaby (Hush Little Baby) Vol.1

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Maid And The Horse, The (Crafty Maid's Policy) Vol.1

Maid Of Newfoundland, The Vol.2

Maid Of Sweet Gartheen, The (Sweet Gertie) Vol.2

Maid On The Shore O, The (The Young Sea Captain) Vol.1

Mallard, The Vol.1 (V)

Mantle So Green, The (Famed Waterloo) Vol.2

Mary Had A William Goat Vol.1

Mary Neal Vol.1

Mary Vickery And Connelly Donnelly Vol.3

Maurice Crotty Vol.1

Milkman's Lament, The Vol.2

Monday Morning Vol.2

Moonshine Can, The Vol.1

Moose Song, The Vol.1

Murder Of Alfreda Pike, The Vol.3

Murder Of Ann O'Brien, The (James MacDonald) Vol.2

Murder Of Dennis Somers, The Vol.3

Murder Of Miss Wyatt, The (Henry Green) Vol.2

My Bonny Irish Boy Vol.2

My Bonny Labouring Boy Vol.2

My Father Gave Me Vol.1

My Flora And Me Vol.2

My Gallant Brigantine Vol.1

My Good-Looking Man (The Good Looking Man) Vol.1

My Handsome Sailor Boy Vol.2

My Old Dudeen Vol.2

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Nancy From London (Tall Grow The Rushes) Vol.2

Napoleon's Farewell To Paris Vol.3

New York Trader Vol.2

Newfoundland Disaster, The Vol.3

Nobleman's Wedding, The (The Green Willow Tree) Vol.3

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Oh No, Not I Vol.1

Oh Write Me Down, Ye Powers Above Vol.2

Old Bo's'n, The (The Boatswain And The Tailor) Vol.1

Old Grandma (Grandmere) Vol.1

Old Grandma Hones Vol.1

Old Jack Vol.1

Old Mayflower, The (Chin Music) Vol.1

Old Oak Tree, The (Betsy) Vol.2

Old Robin Gray Vol.2

Old Tommy Kendall Vol.1

Olden Days Vol.1

On Board Of The Ninety-Eight Vol.3

On Board Of The Victory Vol.2

On The Schooner John Joe Vol.1

One Thing Or The Other, The Vol.1

Ordeal Of Andrew Rose, The Vol.3

O'Reilly The Fisherman (John O'Reilly) Vol.3

Our Island Is Covered With Fog Vol.1

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Paper Of Pins, A Vol.1 (Vx2)

Parting Glass, The Vol.2

Pat O'Reilly (Patrick Riley) Vol.1

Peter's Banks Vol.3

Plains Of Waterloo, The (I) Vol.3

Plains Of Waterloo, The (II) Vol.3

Polly Oliver Vol.2

Pork In The Cupboard (Chin Music) Vol.1

Prentice Boy In Love, A Vol.2

Pretty Ploughboy, The Vol.1

Pride Of Glencoe, The Vol.2

Pride Of The Shamrock Shore, The Vol.2

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Rambling Young Fellow, A (Derrydown Fair) Vol.3

Reid's Express Vol.3

Rich Merchant's Daughter, The (The Maid Of Rygate) Vol.1

Rich Wedding Cake, The Vol.1

River Driver's Lament, The (River Driver) Vol.3

Riverhead La'nchin' On Jubilee Day, The Vol.3

Rosy Banks Of Green, The Vol.3

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Sailor And The Lady, The Vol.2

Sailor's Alphabet, The Vol.3 (V)

Saladin Mutiny, The Vol.3

Sally's Cove Tragedy, The Vol.3

Sea Ghost, The (The Dreadful Ghost) Vol.2

Sealers' Ball, The (Be Ye Much Of A Hand Aboard A Vessel) Vol.1 (V)

Seven Years I Loved A Sailor (Flowery Garden) Vol.2 (V)

She Died In Love (The Butcher Boy) Vol.3

Sheffield Apprentice, The Vol.3

She's Like The Swallow Vol.3 (V)

Ship That Never Came, The Vol.3

Ship's Carpenter, The (The Gosport Tragedy) Vol.2

Since Love Can Enter An Iron Door Vol.2

Sir James The Rose (Child 213) Vol.3

Sir William (The Knight And Shepherd's Daughter-Child 110) Vol.1

Skipper Tom Vol.1

Slaney Side, The (The Tan-Yard Side) Vol.2

Soldier And The Lady, The Vol.2

Soldier Boy, The Vol.3

Soldier Maid, The Vol.2

Soldier's Lament, The Vol.1

Southern Cross, The Vol.3 (V)

Spanish Main, The Vol.3

Sporting Maggie Vol.1

Spring Of '97, The Vol.3

Squarin' Up Time Vol.1 (V)

Star Of Belle Isle, The Vol.2

Stowaway, The (The Little Hero) Vol.3

Strawberry Tower (Strawbello Strand) Vol.3

Suffolk Miracle, The Vol.2

Sweet Florella Vol.2

Sweet Mossy Banks Of The Wey, The Vol.2 (V)

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Taking Back Gear In The Night (Gerry Fudge) Vol.1

Tale Of Jests, A (3 Variants) Vol.1

Tarry Sailor (Jolly Jack) Vol.1

Terry Toole's Cabbage Vol.1

There Was A Lady In The East

Thomas And Nancy Vol.3

Three Lost Babes In Americay, The (The Three Babes) Vol.1

Tinker Behind The Door, The (Beverly Maid And The Tinker) Vol.1

Tom Bird's Dog Vol.1

Track To Knob Lake, The Vol.3

'Twas Getting Late Up In September Vol.2

Twelve Apostles, The Vol.3

Twin Lakes Vol.3

Two Brothers, The (The Twa Brothers) Vol.3

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Union From St John's, The Vol.3

Unquiet Grave, The Vol.2

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Watercresses Vol.1

Waterloo Vol.3

Week's Work, A (A Weeks' Matrimony) Vol.1

Wexford Girl, The (Wexford City) Vol.2

Whaling Song (The Greenland Whale Fisheries) Vol.1

When I Was A Young Thing Vol.3

White Man, Let Me Go Vol.1

Who Is At My Window Weeping? Vol.3

William And Mary Vol.2

William Craig And Bold Manone Vol.3

Willie Vol.2

Woods Of Michigan, The (Harry Dunn) (The Hanging Limb) Vol.3

Worcester Tragedy, The (The Cruel Miller) (The Miller Boy) Vol.2 (V)

Wreck Of The Morrissey, The Vol.3

Wreck Of The Semmity, The Vol.3

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Yankee Shore Vol.1

The Yorkshire Boy (Well Sold The Cow) Vol.1

Young Bung-'er-eye (Quare Bungle Rye) Vol.3 (Vx2)

Young Chambers Vol.3

Young Charlotte (Frozen Charlotte) Vol.3

Young Collins Green Vol.3

Young Daniel (McLellan's Son) Vol.3

Young Edmond Of The Lowlands Low Vol.2

Young Fisherman, The Vol.2

Young Henry Vol.3

Young Kitty Lee Vol.2

Young Melvyn Vol.2

Young Sally Monro Vol.2

Young Ship's Carpenter, The (The Daemon Lover-Child 243) Vol.3

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"Between 1951 and 1961 Kenneth Howard Peacock (1923-2000), a classically trained musician and composer from Ontario, visited Newfoundland six times on behalf of the National Museum of Canada to collect folksongs, later producing a three-volume work, Songs of the Newfoundland Outports (1965)."
~ Anna Kearney Guigné (2004) Kenneth Peacock's Songs of the Newfoundland outports: the cultural politics of a Newfoundland song collection. Doctoral (PhD) thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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