Patriotic & War Songs at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Anti-Confederation Song (V)

The Antis Of Plate Cove (V)

Battle Song Of Newfoundland

Boys From Newfoundland

Don't Come Where We're To (V)

Don't Vote Confederation (Jean Hewson} (V)

Don't Vote Confederation (Joan Morrissey) (V)

Farewell To Colonel Law ~ Anonymous

The Flag Of Newfoundland (V)

The Forester Song

The Great Confederation

Hitler in Bits

In Flanders Fields (V)

The July Drive

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (V)

The Legionnaires (V)

O Canada (National Anthem)

Ode To Labrador

Ode To Newfoundland (V)

Oh Island Home (V)

Only One Tree (V)

Over The Hills (V)

A Pair Of Grey Socks

A Pittance Of Time (V)

Rebel Ship (V)

Recruiting Sergeant (Vx3)

Red Maple Leaf (V)

The Referendum

Remembrance Day

Republican Song

Song Of Freedom To My Countrymen

The Spider And The Guy

Tribute To Bond And His Trusty Placentia Crew

A Tribute To Joseph R Smallwood

When Our Boys Gave Up Squiddin'

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